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25 Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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If you’re tired of the same old colored eggs with the vinegar smell from the egg decorating kit, but still want to decorate eggs with your kids, there are so many great ideas! Here is a round up of 25 Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas.

Change up your regular egg decorating tradition with one of these fun Easter egg decorating ideas!

  1. The Easy, No-mess way to make glitter Easter Eggs | by Creative Green Living
  2. Painted paper mache Easter Eggs | by Practically Functional
  3. Tattoo Easter Eggs| byUncommon Designs Online
  4. Bright paper and ribbon DIY Easter Eggs | by Mod Podge Rocks
  5. Make decoupage Easter Eggs with napkins| by Cute Fetti
  6. Painted polka dot Easter Eggs | by The Girl Creative
  7. 10 tips for coloring eggs with toddlers| by Crafts by Amanda
  8. Marbled Easter Eggs | by Carolyn’s Homework
  9. 5 Minute painted Easter Eggs | by The Country Chic Cottage
  10. Make patterned Easter Eggs with silk ties | by Creative Green Living
  11. How to decorate Easter Eggs with paper napkins | by Practically Functional
  12. Thread wrapped Easter Eggs | by Uncommon Designs Online
  13. Red cabbage dyed Easter Eggs | by Carolyn’s Homework
  14. Fuzzy yarn wrapped Easter Eggs | by The Country Chic Cottage
  15. Gold confetti dipped Easter Eggs | by Mod Podge Rocks
  16. How to make confetti eggs for Easter – Thrifty Jinxy
  17. Naturally dyed Easter Eggs | by Wholefully
  18. Glitter Easter Eggs | by Celeb Baby Laundry
  19. Decoupage Easter Eggs | by Happy Deal- Happy Day
  20. Polka dot gold glitter eggs | by Cute Fetti
  21. How to make tie dye Easter Eggs | by Amanda’s Cookin’
  22. Monogram Easter Egg | by The Girl Creative
  23. Crepe paper & Feather Easter Eggs | by Carolyn’s Homework
  24. Easy Easter decorations | by Mod Podge Rocks
  25. How to make shaving cream Easter Eggs | by Practically Functional

Have you tried any of these? Which one do you plan on trying with your kids?

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