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21 Money Saving Tricks for Spring Break

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Let’s all be honest here, Spring Break is quickly approaching. Many of us are trying to squeeze a Hawaii sized vacation into a theme park budget. Whether you’re planning last minute or are just looking for extra ways to save, here are 21 money saving tricks for spring break.

Don't overspend on a Spring Break trip with your family! Use these 21 money saving tricks for spring break to stay on budget.

21 Money Saving Tricks for Spring Break:

  1. Everyone knows that checking all options before you book is a great money saving tip.
  2. See if you can get a discount through your employer!
  3. Stick to making your own food, rather than buying food at every meal. Or bring items for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and snacks. Then you will only have to purchase dinner each evening.
  4. Try to pick a location that isn’t packed down by other spring break travelers (IE: Stay away from major theme parks and the beach).
  5. Share the cost of your spring break destination with another family.
  6. Pack everything you can with you, to avoid having to buy once you get to your destination.
  7. Search for a coupon every time you check out a new attraction or plan on buying something while on spring break (Check out our coupon database here for coupon codes).
  8. Window shop only. Souvenirs on spring break are overly priced.
  9. Research all the free options before you head out on spring break.
  10. Plan on staying somewhere that you can do all the walking. Renting a vehicle can be expensive.
  11. Go on an all-inclusive cruise for spring break. Meaning, everything is included.
  12. Stay with friends and family, instead of renting a hotel. Plan your spring break around where you can stay for free.
  13. Give everyone a money saving task. For example, your teen could oversee looking for the best lunch specials around. Put your husband in charge of finding the best deals on things to do.
  14. Talk to the locals about the best way to save money around your spring break location.
  15. Do a little spring break camping, instead of paying for a hotel.
  16. Sign up for as many buffets as you can and free breakfast (if you do stay at a hotel).
  17. Pay with cash for everything. If you bring a credit card, there’s no telling how much money you may spend.
  18. Find as many kids eat free places as you can, this will save you a ton of money. Also, stick to drinking water when you go out to eat, it really adds up!
  19. Do a lot of outdoor activities. National Parks like the Big Bend Nation Park only have small entrance fees and you can stay for as long as you desire! You can find more information about this park on if you’re interested. Regular parks and anything else you can do outside is a great money saving tip for spring break.
  20. Do all day events, where there is a lot to do, but you only have to pay one price.
  21. Don’t stress too much about money. What’s the point of going on a spring break vacation if you stress yourself out? Plan the best that you can and enjoy the time you have with your kids!

What are the money saving tricks for spring break you use or have used to stay on budget?

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