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FREE 7-Day Devotional for The Busy Mom

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Are you tired, weary, and every time you sit down down to read a devotional, you’re interrupted by a spill, a child that needs help going to the bathroom, or another crazy catastrophe? (*Raises Hand*) I totally get it!

Tired, overwhelmed, and don't have more than five minutes to spare to read something? Then, this devotional is for you!

That’s why I wrote this free 7-day devotional for busy moms! It will include a short story that God has used to teach me a lesson, a key verse/passage, and a couple “prompts” (questions to think about, something to journal, etc.). It literally won’t take you more than five minutes, because that’s how long we can keep the charade up of hiding in the bathroom, right? 😉 Sign up below, and I hope you are encouraged!

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  1. […] works for me is whenever God speaks to me, or something important happens in my life, I journal it. I can go weeks without writing a single thing, and then I can end up journaling […]

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    Peggy Bates
    March 2, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Thank you very much for your devotional

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