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9 Reasons Why You Will LOVE!

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One of my favorite places to shop online is! There are so many cute things! Not to mention, the prices are so good. Once you start shopping at, you will be hooked and here is why:

Not only are the prices fabulous, there are unique gift ideas, and so many more reasons why you will love!

1. Low Prices.

The frugal side of me loves that you never pay full price on! NEVER! In fact, prices are sliced up to 60%! It makes shopping on any budget affordable.

2. Lula Roe Look-A-Like Clothing for Less!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Lula Roe Clothing. It is SO cute, but so expensive! (Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for women making money from home to support their families.) I know that everyone cannot pay $50 and up for an outfit. has tunics and leggings for WAY less! You can purchase two outfits for around the same price or less than the price of one Lula Roe Outfit and your friends will never know the difference!

3. Holiday Themed Items.

I’m just going to be honest, I love holiday themed items! From home decor to the cute holiday shirts for my girls, I love it all. always has a lot of cute holiday items throughout the year for each holiday.

4. New Items Every Day.

Every day, there are new items for sale. You have to be quick though because the items only last for three days (unless they sell out sooner!). This means, you have a new selection of items to look through every day.

5. Small Businesses Sell on Jane.

You know all those cute Etsy shops you adore? Well some of them sell on! That’s right! All those cute items on are created/made by small businesses here in America. Not only are you getting something cute, you are helping a mom pay for ballet, baseball, and other things for her children.

6. Unique Gift Ideas.

Have you ever gotten someone something for Christmas, birthday, or another event and someone else bought them the same thing? Yeah, been there, done that! When shopping at, there are so many unique gifts that you cannot find in stores, which means the chances of you getting someone the same gift as someone else goes way down.

7. Girls’ Boutique Outfits for Less. 

I love the cute boutique outfits for my girls, but my frugal self can’t pay full price. has really cute boutique outfits for girls for half of the price you will pay at a boutique. When I can both of my girls an outfit for the same price as I would pay for one of them, it’s the best!

8. Monogram.

Can I just take a minute to gush about monogrammed items? I mean, they give a gift an extra touch, make your clothes/items stand out, and then there are all the different fonts you can choose to have an item monogrammed in! has so many items that you can choose to have monogrammed (not all items have the option)!

9. Cute Home Decor. 

Have you ever seen one of those cute DIY projects on Pinterest that you want to make for your house, and it ends up being a total Pinterest Fail? Or you can’t find all the materials to do it? Or you can’t do the hand lettering to make the cute signs? has the cute projects already finished and even hand lettering signs and pictures ready for you to decorate your home!


If you’re new to, I have no doubt you will love shopping there! Give it a try!

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