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5 Quick & Easy Tricks to Cut the Clutter

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Clutter free homes have positive energy and that reflects in the people who reside there. So it comes as no surprise when people are planning on de-cluttering, the idea of checking out sites similar to https://www.mammothselfstore.com.au/ comes into play. Having a big clear out can become stressful, but it doesn’t have to be, especially when you know there are solutions like self storage facilities that can be used. You don’t have to make a decision as to what you want to keep and get rid of straight away, but as long as you feel relaxed and able to focus in your own home, that’s all that should matter.

This is a known fact, yet very few could really take the much needed steps to make the home clutter free. This is because it is time consuming and may require extra space in the room, which is practically not possible. Some may think that having clutter-free homes may require lot of time and money investment. Just by thinking of the pain associated in cutting the clutter, people tend to prefer clutter and as a result make their homes less inviting and full of negativity. Cutting the clutter is not at all difficult with following tried and tested decluttering tips that would definitely work in all home types.

Cut the clutter with ease when using these 5 tips!

1. Divide your home in zones (the smaller the better).

You cannot have a clutter-free home at single go. You will have to divide your entire home in some zones and then work on each zone at your convenience. There can be as many zones as you want and smaller the zone the better! Dividing the homes in small parts would allow you to clean it up fast. Zones can be named anything like kid’s bedroom bookshelf, bathroom cupboard, study table drawer no.1, left side of the kitchen shelf, and so on. Divide each area in as many parts as you feel fit, but do it and note it in your declutter diary. Keep a space for putting a check mark when the specific zone is cleaned.

2. Set your decluttering time.

No need to spend hours from a busy schedule on decluttering the home. You can decide on a decluttering time and it can be as small as five to ten minutes. Set a timer, and challenge yourself to put back all the items that are not needed in one area. You can use this time to reorganize your living room shelf, or arrange the book shelf, and even for cleaning the kitchen drawer. You can also set the time of your favorite daily soap as your cleaning time. Watch your favorite television show while you declutter the space to make the time go by even faster, and when your show is over, you have a cleaner space!

3. Keep boxes handy.

Even if you don’t have much time, you can use the available time segregating your stuff. Take empty boxes (like diaper boxes, Amazon boxes, or even moving boxes) and label them as “throw away,” “give away,” “put back,” or “relocate”. As you are picking up a room and find something doesn’t belong, or you don’t need/use/want it anymore, simply put it in one of the boxes. Then whenever the boxes are full, do as the box says! If you have the money, you could even look into getting a garage rental in London or somewhere more local to you, where you can store those boxes.

4. If It’s not used for a year, it won’t be used for years to come.

Some clothes simply take up the space in your closet where you want to put up your newly acquired stuff. You don’t want to give away some dresses as you think that you need them, but do you really need them? Remember that if you have not used the dress for a year then there are very slim chances that you will use it even afterwards. Turn the hanger method is good in this case, where you have to reverse the direction of hangers in the closet. Every time you wear the dress hanging on that hanger, you may again change the hanger direction. Watch this for six months or a year and the hanger that are still in reverse direction are the ones not used. Give away the dresses hanging on these hangers to someone needy as these are the dresses you really don’t want!

5. Practice giving away one thing daily.

This is the popular method where all you need to do is give away one thing daily and you will successfully remove 365 things from your home at the end of the year. There are no strict rules about what to give and how much value it should be worth. If the thing is not in the condition to be used by others then throw it away, but get rid of one thing daily. You can even place this item in the “give away” box and once it’s full, you have a box of donation items. This is the slow method but you will find it easy as giving away one thing daily is quite an achievable target.

Determination and efforts would help you declutter your home successfully. Your home is the place for positivity and love, don’t waste the space in storing unwanted vibes.

This is a guest post from Carol of World Craft Industries. Carol is a homemaker, a freelance blogger, and is passionate about interior design.

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