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5 Fundraiser Ideas (that are actually fun)

Fundraiser are notoriously boring and not fun at all. Check out these five fundraiser ideas that are actually fun!
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I’ve been there. Your child brings home yet another fundraiser, and this time it’s a mandatory fundraiser. You do like any parent, and call all your friends and family hoping they will help out so you don’t have to pay that fundraising fee. Some parents are even keen charity members and give donations regularly to their chosen charities – and even they struggle with this moment. With or without a giving tuesday toolkit, regular donations to charity and helping out when you can – the fundraisers keep coming. It’s frustrating and isn’t really fun at all.

I mean, who really wants to purchase five tubs of cookie dough from your child when you can get cookie dough for SUPER cheap with coupons and sales? And who wants to purchase magazine subscriptions when you can grab them for free or grab a better deal on them? I know fundraisers are important, but what if you could raise money with some unique fundraiser ideas that are actually fun? (People respond to fun and show up!) That would make life simpler right? And of course, the more people who come, the more money you raise so it’s a win win! If you raise a large amount of money, some people like to present it using a novelty cheque. You can check out this presentation cheque design company if that sounds like something you might want to do as well. But first, you need to collect that cash! Here are some fundraiser ideas that are actually fun and will more than likely get a better response than another cookie dough, gift wrap, or magazine sale.

Fundraiser are notoriously boring and not fun at all. Check out these five fundraiser ideas that are actually fun!

5 Unique Fundraiser Ideas:

1. Chuck E. Cheese.

I know your eye probably just twitched (like mine does when Chuck E Cheese is mentioned), but they do fundraisers! In fact, Chuck E. Cheese’s has donated over $14 million to schools and non-profits through fundraisers! This is one fundraiser that is actually fun plus kids would really get excited about this! Click here for more information

2. Mabel’s Labels.

Mabel’s labels are a unique label you can order (in a huge variety) that are machine washable, and dishwasher safe! In fact, the labels we have purchased have held up longer than the backpacks, lunch boxes, and lunch containers we have used them on! I also like that they have dry erase labels to organize your pantry, kitchen, or another room in your house.

Mabel’s labels also does fundraising! There are so many cute labels, allergy labels and bracelets, and even shoe labels for kids to put their shoes on the right feet. As a bonus, this fundraiser will help reduce your lost and found. Click here for more information.

3. Local Restaurants.

Many local restaurants will partner with you to help you raise money for a cause. Many times, it is only a small percentage of all purchases (5% to 10%) will go toward your cause; however, people get to enjoy good food and your event is able to raise money. It’s a win/win! It usually just requires you asking a local restaurant to partner with you, choose a date, and then let everyone know about it.

4. Zaycon Fresh.

Zaycon Fresh is a company that sells quality farm fresh meats. You can order online and pick up a location near you. It’s like a drive thru for purchasing meat and the prices are unbeatable! (For example, you can grab boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.69/lb!) What parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or neighbor wouldn’t want to save money on meat?

Not only are their prices unbeatable, Zaycon Fresh is also very generous and will give your organization $15.00 for EACH new customer that makes a purchase! I know other fundraisers are strictly a percentage of the sales, but I think Zaycon Fresh’s model is fabulous! Your organization will be selling high-quality meat at LOW prices they can pick up (it comes fresh and is refrigerated), and you get $15.00 for every sale! It sounds like a win/win to me! Get more information here.

5. Clean Out Your Closets.

I don’t mean for a yard sale either. You can clean out your child’s closet, and send in the clothes to Schoola. When Schoola sales the clothes, part of the profit automatically goes to your child’s school. You get your kids’ closets cleaned out and help your child’s school out. How awesome is that?

You don’t have to set up for a yard sale, and you don’t have to collect the money. Just simply request a bag, clean out the closets, and send the clothes off in the pre-paid bag. When the clothes sale, 40% of the profits automatically go to your child’s school (just be sure to let them know which school to send it to). It’s super simple, and you can even shop on Schoola to get new or gently used clothes to replace the clothes you just cleaned out. (Get a FREE $20.00 credit here.)

Be sure to share this with the person in charge of fundraisers at your child’s school, your church, your child’s sports organization, and other places you know does fundraisers. (Hit the share buttons below here to share or email.)

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