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STOP!! Don’t Buy Another Toy Until You Read This Post!!

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I have recently read COUNTLESS Facebook posts in mom groups that complain about how (insert retailer here) RUINED their kids Christmas by shipping their products in the original box. What if I told you, they told you right on the product page that they would be shipping it in the original box?? It’s true.

Look at this:


and this:



So, what can you do??

  • Read the fine print on the product page to see which retailers offer gift options.
  • Hook up with a friend and have your gifts sent to their house and their gifts sent to your house (we’ve done this).
  • Send ALL the gifts to the grandparents house (maybe they will even wrap them for you! Ha!).
  • Get creative and “divert” the children when the UPS or FedEx guy shows up while you hide the gifts in the garage.
  • Pay a little more to get it “gift wrapped” (as a bonus, it already shows up wrapped for you AND the kids can’t see what it is).

Regardless of what you decide to do, be sure to read the fine print when ordering gifts online this holiday season. The last thing we want here at Frugal Finds During Naptime is a gift being revealed too soon because of shipping. We believe in the magic of Christmas and want your kids to be surprised Christmas morning. We also believe in saving the most money on gifts (because why pay full price?), and shopping online is one of the best ways to save money on those gifts!

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Shopping online this holiday season? You need to read this before you purchase another gift or toy!

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