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Frugal Christmas Gift Idea for Your Fur Baby

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If you have a fur baby, you don't want to forget them this Christmas! Check out this frugal gift idea that will make both your pup and checkbook happy!

We adopted a sweet dog back in August; Sadie (our dog) has added so much laughter, joy, and fun to our family! It’s getting close to the holiday season and since she has added so much to our family, it was a no-brainer when I started writing out Christmas Lists of what to get our family members that Sadie was on that list! My first idea was to get her an extra large dog house for great danes but I’ve slowly started thinking of more gift ideas for her. I just want to treat her since she is technically part of the family! Dogs become part of the family so quickly, so it’s obvious that they should also be acknowledged when we’re purchasing Christmas gifts. I wasn’t that sure about what I was going to get her, but I knew it had to be special as she brings so much to our family. These days, there are so many things you can buy for a dog, so there’s a lot to choose from. My friend was telling me the other day that she’d seen some lovely dog collars online. Apparently, they were Designed in Australia. Whilst one of those collars would have probably looked amazing on Sadie, I decided against it as she does have a collar already. Instead, I decided to purchase practical gifts, like treats and toys, because you can never have enough of them.

I headed out to Dollar General to shop for Sadie. They had a HUGE assortment of treats ( Milk-Bone, Canine Carry Outs, & Pup-Peroni) and toys for dogs! To make it even better, they had fabulous prices too!

I knew I wanted to get Sadie some goodies, but didn’t want to wrap them up where they were placed underneath the Christmas Tree because she would be able to smell them and would end up “opening” up her gifts way before Christmas morning. I checked out the Christmas decorations and found an adorable dog Christmas stocking for just $1.00! Then, I found some festive glitter/glue to write her name on the stocking for just $1.00 as well! (Seriously, if you need Christmas decorations, check out your local Dollar General!)

I grabbed Pup-Peroni and a couple different kinds of Canine Carry Outs treats. After that, I grabbed some new toys for Sadie. I mean, she can’t just have treats right? She needed some toys to burn off the energy and calories from her treats.

When I got home, my husband was putting the tree up (I know, he is fabulous!), so I got to work on Sadie’s stocking full of treats. I wrote her name with the glitter glue (don’t judge, it didn’t turn out quite like I wanted it too, but hey! that’s a DIY project for you, right? 😉 ).

Next, I filled her stocking up with her toys, Pup-Peroni, and two packs of Canine Carry Outs treats.

After I filled up her stocking, I “hung it by the chimney with care”. Since I don’t have a fireplace or chimney, I actually hung it up on the wall near the Christmas Tree.

Sadie heard the rustle of the treat bag when I was filling up her stocking, and ran into the dining room. She followed me into the living room to watch me hang up her stocking. Then she laid in front of the tree looking up at her stocking and would look over at me as if to say “I know there are treats in there!” I know she will be excited on Christmas to open up her stocking full of treats! Not to mention, I was excited that I spent less than $10 for her stocking full of treats and toys! Many pet owners view their fur babies as their children. If you are ever stuck with what to get a fellow dog mom, maybe look at Custom Pet Portraits On Canvas? Who wouldn’t want an adorable photo hanging in the living room?

Do you get your fur baby treats, toys, or gifts for Christmas?

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