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Say No to Spam: How to Sign Up for FREE Samples & Newsletters While Avoiding a Mailbox of Spam

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You may have seen email sign ups for your favorite brands (and blogs) before, but you know that anytime you sign up for such offers, your email becomes flooded with advertisements. Because of this, you may hesitate to sign up for such offers, and in the meantime you are losing out on valuable deals and freebies! So what is the solution? There are ways to get the deals you want without having to swim through an ocean of spam. Take a look below at how to sign up for free samples and newsletters, while avoiding a mailbox of spam!

There are ways to get the deals you want without having to swim through an ocean of spam. See how to sign up for free samples & newsletters while avoiding an inbox of spam.

1. Create a separate email.

Many people who love signing up for online newsletters, deals, coupons, etc. create a separate email just for these deals. This way, they aren’t getting all of the ads in their work or personal email, and instead have a “deals” email that these items go to. When looking for a specific deal or emails from a specific company, all they have to do is use the search bar.

2. Look for specific wording.

When signing up for any online offers or newsletters, be sure you look at the fine print. Look for wording that specifies that your email won’t be sold to a third party. This is one of the main ways spam happens. Instead, only sign up with companies who promise to keep your information private and won’t sell it to anyone else.

3. Opt out of future emails.

When you sign up for a free sample or coupon, often times, there is a small box that lets you opt in or opt out of future mailings. Many times this box is already checked and you have to uncheck it to opt out. If you don’t want any further offers than the one you are signing up for, be sure to unclick the box. You are under no obligation to subscribe in order to receive most samples or offers.

4. Send them to spam.

If you are getting more emails that you can handle and they don’t seem to be relevant to what you want or need, send the email to spam. It takes just seconds to do this, and all future emails from the company will go there instead of your inbox.

5. Unsubscribe.

Most emails have a notice at the bottom telling you how to unsubscribe to future mailings. Follow the directions and unsubscribe if it seems like you are getting bombarded with a bunch of garbage. This takes a few moments on average, but it is worth not having to comb through all of the spam later.

You can still sign up for those samples, newsletters, and other internet offers, just keep these tips for avoiding a spam trap in mind. You will find that they can help curb the spam, and instead keep your inbox full of the offers and information that is relevant to you and your family. See the latest freebies you can grab here, and the latest free samples available here.

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