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Help Children Fight Cancer with Children’s Miracle Network!

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Once you’ve been touched by childhood cancer, you cannot turn a blind eye to fundraising efforts. My husband is a childhood cancer survivor. My husband was treated at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. He was able to do his school work there while receiving treatments (when he was well enough). When he was finally declared cancer free, he was able to go back to school and wasn’t behind in class because the staff at Children’s Hospital taught him, helped him with his school work, and made sure he was learning while he was getting treatment. He still talks about the staff of nurses, teachers, and doctors that helped him (many years later)!

Even though he survived, there are many children out there who are diagnosed with cancer each day (in fact every minute 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment), and many who don’t make it. It may be easier to look away, and I get it. It is hard to see a child suffering, but put yourself in that parents’ shoes for one minute. Can you imagine the heartache they feel? The unknown and uncertainty? The vacation days lost because there are no more sick days left? It is hard, but you can still help!

Now through October 9th, Walmart and Sam’s Club have partnered with The Children’s Miracle Network for their Annual Fundraising Campaign. You can help by donating to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at your local Walmart or Sam’s Club today. Your donations help children’s hospital provide the best care for the kids. I love that every dollar raised at a local Walmart or Sam’s Club goes directly to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital! There is no fee taken out! 100% of the proceeds go to help the children!


You can even help get the word out by sharing about donating or helping raise funds for your local Children’s Miracle Network by using #HelpKidsLiveBetter on your social media channels. It will help spread awareness and may even help a child you know! be sure to stop in at your local Sam’s Club or Walmart today to donate. Get more information here.

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    October 6, 2016 at 9:00 am

    Thanks for sharing. I hope your husband is well today.

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