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4 Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to figure out what costumes everyone will be wearing. If you were to head to the store right now to buy a Halloween costume, you will be paying top price. Don’t do that! There are easy ways to save on Halloween costumes. Check out these tips below.Don't spend a lot of money on a Halloween Costume! Read these 4 ways to save money on a Halloween Costume.

4 Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes:

1. Make Your Own.

No one is claiming you need to be a super housewife or DIY goddess to make your own Halloween costumes. You can keep it simple and create something like a clown, ballerina, baseball player, and anything in between. You can even head to the dollar store and get a few items to create a fun Halloween costume. Just because you’re making your own and trying to save money doesn’t mean you have to show as much skin as possible while wearing as little as you can like you’ve just come straight from the watch my gf sex original site.

2. Buy the year before.

If you thought ahead of the game, Halloween costumes are ALWAYS cheaper right Halloween (50% off the day after Halloween). You can go to almost any store and find a Halloween costume for super cheap. Although it can be tricky to know what size your child will be in the following year, it’s OK to take an educated guess. Remember, it’s a Halloween costume, not their wedding day!

3. Go Second Hand.

You would not believe the options available in second hand stores for Halloween costumes. Think about it, what do you do with a Halloween costume once the kids are done using it? You sell it! That’s why these second hand kid stores have so many kids’ costumes. It’s truly amazing!

4. Reuse the Costume From Last Year.

There are no rules when it comes to Halloween costume and if your child wants to be the same “costume” they wore last year, the more power to them. You’ll save a ton of money in the process. I try to hang costumes up on hangers so that they are easily accessible and really easy to find for the next Halloween. I leave costumes hung up in my daughter’s closets or put them in their “dress up bin” for easy access. In fact, my youngest wants to wear her costume again from last year, and I’m fine with that.

Keep Halloween fun and in the process you can save a ton of money. Halloween doesn’t need to be expensive and these tips prove that!

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