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What I Want My Girls to Always Know

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There are many days, I don’t feel like I am a very good mom. I feel like I am failing at this whole parenting thing. There are days, I lose my cool when my (potty-trained) 3-year old pees on the floor. There are days, I raise my voice because my nerves cannot handle another question out of my 6-year old about why the sky is blue or why dogs lose their fur. There are (many) days I feel like my “hobbies” include cleaning up poop, refereeing arguments, wiping up spilled milk, and just trying not to burn dinner while I juggle a million things on my plate.

Then there are days (like this morning) when my youngest doesn’t feel good and asks for extra “tuddles” (cuddles). Or when my oldest tells me, “Mommy, you’re the best!” when I let her play Pokemon Go and take the long way to the store so she can get all the Poke Stops. When I was her age, Pokemon peaarl was the popular game at the time. Seeing how much she has enjoyed the new mobile game, I would love to introduce her to the original games. There are nights when we read extra books before bed, stay up late and watch a movie while eating popcorn, and afternoons we spontaneously go for ice cream to celebrate a first day of school (or another “first”).

I know that there will be many more times I will feel like I’m failing as a mom. There will be nights I forget it’s my turn to be the tooth fairy, or try to keep a different word from slipping through my lips when I step on a LEGO Friends piece. I also know that these days will quickly pass, and the one thing I want my girls to know is that I love them, always.

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I will always love them through all the first steps and first stumbles, the spilled milk, the good grades and the bad grades, the awards and disappointments, the butterflies of a first crush and the heartbreak of a first love, the college acceptance and college denial letters, and everything life has to offer them. While I don’t want them to hurt, I know that the days won’t always be rosy. There will be disappointments along the way. I want them to know I love them through all of it, the good and the bad even if I don’t always do a good job displaying that.

What is one thing you want your child to know despite the struggles of life? Or what is one thing you want a friend or sister to know?

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