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8 Ways to Get Your Child to Read During Summer Break

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Keeping your child reading during the summer months can be a difficult task. It’s true they need plenty of outdoor time to be active and spend time with friends. However, you don’t want them going two to three months without reading! Read on to find out how you can get your children to read during summer break.
Having trouble getting your child to read during summer break? Try these 8 ideas to have them reading in no time!

8 Ways to Get Your Child to Read During Summer Break:

1. Let them choose the books.

Children are much more likely to read when they are free to choose the books. You may not think a comic book is great reading material, but if it interests your child, let him read all the comics he wants! In the long run, it’s more important that they read – not necessarily what they read.

2. Take weekly trips to the library.

A trip to the library is fun for many kids. They get to look at new books and take home a couple to read through until the next trip. Some libraries do a weekly story time, which may further motivate your kids to pick up more books this summer. Putting importance on library visits helps encourage your child to love reading. As a bonus, most libraries have a summer reading program where kids can earn rewards for reading.

3. Build a reading fort.

To make reading fun enough to do during the summer, you may need to get a little creative! Let your children build a reading fort with blankets and pillows, so they have a fun and comfy place to read. Equip them with books and flashlights so it’s more like an enjoyable indoor camping activity rather than a chore!

4. Make it a challenge.

If you are struggling to get your kids to read during the summer break, a little competition may need to be put in place. Set a goal for the number of books your children should each read during the holiday. Decide on prizes for after your child has read a certain number of books. Sometimes, rewards get even the most undesired tasks done!

5. Put together a book club.

If you live in a neighborhood, you could create a children’s book club to get everyone reading more. Find a book that is age appropriate for most of the area kids. Meet weekly to discuss the books being read. It’s fun and engaging – and you may never see your children so eager to read!

6. Create themed reading lists.

The best way to make reading fun, even during the summer months, is to cater to your child’s interests. A themed reading list can be made surrounding their favorite things – whether that is dinosaurs, princesses, the ocean, or outer space. Discuss their interests and the books with your children as they are reading. Most will enjoy getting to teach you a thing of two about their favorite subjects!

7. Share a book before bed.

Sometimes, children just need a little nudge to do something they may not want to do. Nightly shared reading is a good way to motivate non-readers to start picking up books on their own. Take turns reading pages or chapters of the book, so that your child gets some reading in without having to do it all himself.

8. Participate in Summer Reading Programs. 

Sometimes kids just need a little motivation to read, and nothing screams motivation more than prizes! There are a lot of places that reward kids for reading over the summer. Prizes range from free books to cash! You can see a complete list of current summer reading programs here.

Give some of these ideas a try to get your kids to keep reading during the summer, and see if they work for you. What are some ways you get your kids to read during summer break? 

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