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7 Tips to Save Even More on Your Summer Staycation

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Going on a Summer Vacation every year can get expensive. Staying close to home this summer is a cost-effective way to enjoy your children’s break from school. With this being said, if you are looking to take your kids abroad and want to find ways of making travel stress free (as we all know how difficult it can be travelling with kids sometimes), it may be in your best interest to check out sites like for more information. Even if you don’t plan a beach vacation, you may still be wondering how to cut costs yet have fun with the family. Read on for seven tips to saving even more on your summer staycation! Just because it's summertime, doesn't mean you have to fork out a lot of money to go on a family vacation. Here are some ways to save money on your summer staycation.

7 Ways to Save Even More Money on Your Summer Staycation:

1. Find free things in your own city.

A little researching goes a long way when trying to save money on your staycations. Many museums offer a low-cost, or even, free day. Also, don’t discount the sights that are always free. Put together an itinerary of cheap attractions to take in without having to spend a lot on gas and admission.

2. Take a picnic.

When going out for a day on the town, you will need to eat lunch. If you have a larger family, this can really put a dent into your staycation savings. However, packing a nice picnic to enjoy in the park helps keep food costs down. Just pack up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some chips, juice boxes, and apples in an ice chest to keep it cold for lunch.

Plus, you can take advantage of this fun, free area by feeding the ducks, decide to play Oztag or even toss a Frisbee.

3. Try geocaching.

Geocaching costs very little money to get started. All you need is a GPS device and access to This fun pastime is similar to a scavenger hunt, where you use the coordinates to find fun things hidden in your city. Just because it's summertime, doesn't mean you have to fork out a lot of money to go on a family vacation. Here are some ways to save money on your summer staycation.

4. Have a movie night.

Staycations don’t necessarily require you to go out and spend money to have fun. You can do it in your own home with a family movie night! Turn on Hulu or Netflix (or grab a couple of movies from Redbox) and enjoy a cozy night in. Want to have even more fun? Build a blanket fort in the living room so your children have something new and exciting to watch from!

5. Camp in the backyard.

You don’t have to go away from home to have a fun staycation. Camping is always fun for kids, no matter the location, and it eliminates the need for a hotel room. Pitch a tent in the backyard, build a fire for s’mores and enjoy the great outdoors. Don’t forget the flashlight and scary stories!

6. Pay cash for attractions.

If you are going to be spending money for your summer staycation like san diego whale watching if you live in that area, make sure you always pay cash! (Be sure you are paying cash for those cheap, fun summer movies to avoid a large credit card bill at the end of the summer!) Putting the fun on a credit card means interest charges – so you end up spending more as you pay your credit card bill.

7. Leave the devices behind.

You and your family may be tempted to bring smartphones and tablets with you on your staycation ventures, but it’s likely you won’t find free WiFi. This means your data usage will increase, and possibly surpass the amount you are allotted on your plan. The solution? Leave those electronics at home! That way, you’re usage stays low, you aren’t tempted to buy that cool new app, and everyone spends more time together! Do you have a summer staycation each year? What are some ways you save money on your staycation?

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