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5 Tips for Potty Training (While Keeping Your Sanity Intact)

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I was given a Kandoo Potty Training Kit for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Potty training is not fun, and can test your patience as a parent. In fact, before potty training started with my oldest daughter, I read some of those articles. . you know the ones that tell you how to potty train your kid in three days guaranteed? I went in with “toilet paper in both holsters” and was determined to potty train Sabrye (my oldest) in three days. I mean, it was guaranteed, right?


I was left feeling defeated, frustrated, and like I had done something wrong since I followed the steps to “guarantee” she would be potty trained in three days. After I had a pity party for myself, I came to the realization that although I was ready for Sabrye to be potty trained, she may not be and that is OK.

Now that I’m potty training my youngest daughter, Landrye, I have thrown out the articles I read with my first daughter, and have an entirely new approach.Loosing your cool while potty training? Try these tips for potty training and keeping your sanity!

5 Tips for Potty Training While Keeping Your Sanity Intact:

1. Define what successful “potty trained” means for you. 

Every mom has a little bit different definition of what it looks like for their child to be potty trained. For some, it means their child will only have a couple accidents a week. For some, it means their child will be in “big girl” or “big boy” underwear all day and all night with no accidents (my hats off to them!). For others, it may mean making it through the day with no accidents for 7 days in a row. It may mean their child goes to the bathroom, wipes, and washes hands unassisted.

Regardless of what this looks like for you, you need to define it. There is really no right or wrong answer. For me, it is that my daughter can recognize the “urge” to go potty, can identify it, can make an attempt to go, and we can go all day (excluding naps and bedtime) in “big girl panties”. If she recognizes it and doesn’t make it to the bathroom in time, I don’t scold her because she recognized it and just didn’t make it in enough time.

By defining what successful potty training means for you, it can help you get to that end goal. Once Landrye (my youngest daughter) can successfully use the potty with no accidents for a few weeks, we will change that goal to making it through naptime dry, and then eventually bed time. This way we can break it up into bits and feel like we are accomplishing something, because staying dry during the day is something to celebrate!

2. Develop a plan of action. 

Like anything else, potty training is a process and requires some sort of “plan”. Are you going to use training pants? Are you going to go “cold turkey” and put your child straight in “big kid underwear”? Or are you going to try letting them go without pants? When are you going to do this? Are you going to give your child a “treat” every time he/she goes to the bathroom? Are you going to use a chart to keep up with it?

These may seem like silly questions, but they are all questions to consider. If you have a big event coming up, you may not want to try potty training before then or even during that event. Try to do it at a time where you can focus on it and be available to take your child to the bathroom multiple times a day.

3. Purchase supplies.

Now that you have a plan of action and know what you plan to do and when, make sure you have everything you will need on hand. I highly recommend purchasing the Potty Training Kit from Kandoo. It’s only $25 and comes with flushable wipes, foaming hand soap in a fun scent, a potty time story, a “Super Cape”, coupons, and more! Kandoo truly thought of everything when they put this kit together.


4. Establish a routine.

Like anything, you need a good routine. This will help your child learn when to go and get them used to going (read more about how to set a schedule here). Be sure to be consistent (both when your child goes and when he/she doesn’t go). I really like Kandoo’s Potty Chart (which you can download here for free) where your child can mark (or put a sticker up) for “I went. I wiped. I flushed. I washed.” It’s an easy routine to get into and your child can actually mark that he/she did each thing.

girafe pack pack

Once you establish a routine, you can attempt to take small, quick trips to the grocery store, and other places. I recommend placing the soft pack of flushable wipes in the diaper bag or your purse, so that when your child goes to the bathroom away from home he/she is still using the wipes just like at home. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference in keeping a routine/schedule.

5. Be realistic and expect setbacks. 

In a perfect world, potty training would be done in three days. It’s not usually like that though. Don’t set your expectations too high (like I did with my first daughter). It will only leave you feeling defeated. Set realistic expectations and expect setbacks. You will have a “crappy start” to your mornings some mornings (literally), and you will want to pull your hair out. Just know that it is normal, and you will make it through this stage.

You can also see more tips and tricks for potty training here at Kandoo’s website. Sign up for their newsletter for more tips and special offers. I love that Kandoo’s articles on potty training are realistic and don’t leave me feeling like I’m a bad mom. In fact, they leave me feeling encouraged with new ideas to try.

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    Parenting Passage
    July 20, 2017 at 8:49 am

    Great post! I felt the tips you shared are methodical and easy to follow.
    Totally agree that defining successful potty training in your own terms should be the first step.

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