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13 Kids’ Summer Reading Programs

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Want your kids to read over the summer, but having trouble convincing them? Here are 13 Kids' Summer Reading Programs that will reward your kids for reading!

Summer is a time with no homework, reading assignments, or projects; however, it is good to have your kids still read books to keep them in the habit of reading. Sometimes it can be hard to encourage kids to read when they are not required to do so. This is where summer reading programs come in. Did you know that there are places that will give your kids FREE books and other rewards in exchange for reading?! Here is a list of places you can score completely free books or even money for your kids.

1.  Barnes & Noble 

Your kids can score a free book from Barnes & Noble when they answer three out of the four questions on this form. Then take the form into your local Barnes & Noble to have your child pick out a free book from the list according to their grade. (Program ends 9/6/16).

2. Half Price Books

Score $5.00 in Bookworm Bucks from Half Price Books when your child reads 300 minutes in June and July. You can use this reading log here to log your minutes. Half Price Books recommends you read 15 minutes per day in June and July to get to the goal. If you have children who cannot read on their own, you can read to them, and log the minutes to earn the $5.00 in Bookworm Bucks. Then redeem the Bookworm Bucks for a book. (Program ends 7/31/16).

3. Scholastic 

Scholastic has an online program, where you can log the minutes your child has read, and then redeem them for virtual prizes. If your child is old enough, he/she can log their minutes (if you choose to let them). As your child logs minutes, he/she also completes “challenges”. For every “challenge” completed, you can spin the wheel to earn prizes, and more. You can also score additional challenges to win free chapters of books. (Program ends 9/9/16).

4. T.D. Bank 

Your child can score $10 when they complete the TD Bank Summer Reading Program! In order to complete the reading program, your child will need to read ten books, complete this form here, and take it to your local TD Bank to add $10 to your child’s new or existing TD Simple Savings Account. (Program ends August 31.)

td bank

5. LifeWay. 

Your child can score a new free book or free Bible when they read six books and memorize six new scripture verses. Turn in your child’s completed summer journal (found here), and they can choose from a new book (off of the list found here) or a new Bible.

6. Showcase Cinemas. 

Kids can score a free movie ticket each week to Showcase Cinemas! All they have to do is fill out this book report form and bring it into a participating Showcase Cinemas Movie Theater each Wednesday from July 6, 2016 to July 27, 2016 at 9:00 or 10:00 a.m.

7. H.E.B. Grocery Store.

Have a H.E.B. grocery store in your area? If so, your kids can score a FREE t-shirt when he/she reads 10 books. Just fill out this form here and take it into your local H.E.B. Grocery Store to score a free H.E.Buddy T-Shirt. If you can’t make it into your grocery store, you can mail the form in by October 1, 2016.

8. Chuck E. Cheese

Score ten free tokens for reading each day for two weeks. To get the tokens, print the bookmarks found here and bring them into your local Chuck E. Cheese.

9. Six Flags. 

Score a FREE ticket to Six Flags when your child completes six hours of recreational reading. Sign up for and/or log into your account here to keep track of the reading hours.

10. Family Christian. 

Have your child read any six Christian books, and explain the message of the book in this Reading Adventures Diary. Then turn in the form to your local Family Christian for your child to pick out a free book from this list here. If you don’t live near a Family Christian Store, you can send your completed form along with your mailing address and the free book you’d like to (Program ends 8/25/16).

11. Pottery Barn.

Attend at least five of the Pottery Barn Kids Summer Book Club Meetings to get your child’s “Book Club Passport” filled out. Once they attend five meetings, they will receive a $10.00 coupon to spend on something at Pottery Barn.

12. Books A Million. 

Have your child read three books from the Summer Reading Adventure Section and fill out the log found here. Then take the completed log into Books A Million for a free James Patterson Middle School Lunch Bag.

13. Public Library. 

Be sure to check your local public library. The prizes and rewards vary by library; however, each library has some sort of rewards program to encourage your children to read.

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