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Froggy K-Cup Upcycle Craft

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Don't throw out those empty K-Cups! See how you can upcycle it to make this cute frog craft!

If you have a Keruig in your house, I’m sure you clean out quite a few K-Cups each week. Instead of throwing them away, did you know you could make a fun craft with the kids? Check out how to make this Froggy K-Cup. It’s super cute, and easy!

Froggy K-Cup Upcycle

Froggy K-Cup Upcycle



  1. Spray each k-cup green in a well ventilated area and allow them to dry a few hours. (I put an old sheet down on our garage floor and keep the door open. I also like to spray our empty k-cups a few at time, that way I always have a few painted k-cups ready to use for fun crafts!)
  2. Once the k-cups are dry, use the scissors to cut out 2 small webbed feet and 'legs'. (I folded the construction paper in 1/2 and cut 2 at a time to save time. I did not use a pattern and just free handed it and my 6 year old daughter loved this part and helped. I let her cut out 2 small half moons for eyes and add a googly eye to each.)
  3. We affixed the feet, fins and eyes using the glue stick.
  4. Lastly, I drew 2 nostrils and a mouth using a small red sharpie. (You couldn't really tell it was red though in my opinion so I think a black sharpie would also work fine.)

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