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7 Ways to Save Money on Prescriptions

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Whether you have done a quick search into something as simple as cialis Generic to help with Erectile Dysfunction or are looking to find medication to help lower your blood pressure, you may find that prescriptions can be expensive! With this being said, you need the medication, there can be many ways to find cheaper prescriptions, as one example you could try looking into different pharmacies like Southwest Care or others that can offer co-pay assistance for medication prescriptions. Normally, they are one thing you have to have if you suffer from a condition that requires medicine to treat it, help control the symptoms, or to get rid of an infection. Whether you’re collecting from a local pharmacy or using an online service like Blink Health pharmacy online: Here are some ways to save money on prescriptions so you can use that money elsewhere.Paying for prescriptions month after month can be expensive. Check out these seven ways you can save money on prescriptions.

7 Ways to Save Money on Prescriptions:

1. Ask your physician for samples.

Many times, physicians have samples on hand of medications, and are willing to give you a few samples to get you through a few days or even a week. Just doing this alone, can help cut the cost of a 28-day prescription, and all it requires is to simply ask.

2. Ask your physician for a generic brand.

Oftentimes the generic version of a prescription works just as well as the name brand, but can save you quite a bit of money. If the prescription is for an expensive name brand medication, just ask if there is a generic available to use instead. If there is and if your physician is comfortable with you taking the generic, ask for it instead of the more expensive name brand.

3. Use rewards programs.

Many pharmacies that operate out of a store (like CVS, Kmart, etc.) have prescription rewards programs. For example, at CVS, for every 10 prescriptions you have filled, you earn $5.00 Extra Care Bucks. Kmart gives you $10.00 back in Shop Your Way points for every five prescriptions you have filled. While this doesn’t save you money upfront, it can save you money in the long run.

Check out these stores with reward programs:

4. Use a club store like Sam’s or Costco.

At Sam’s Club, members can save between 10% and 30%, and Plus Members receive certain medications free of charge. At Costco, you can join the Costo Membership Prescription Program to get lower prices on medication.

5. Check to see if your prescription can be filled for free.

Did you know that stores like Publix fill certain medications for absolutely FREE? They have what is called a “Free Medication Program” where you can get commonly prescribed medications like Lisinopril, Metformin, and common antibiotics for absolutely FREE!


You can also get free prescriptions and/or prenatal vitamins at the following stores:

6. Use GoodRX to find the lowest price (and coupons) on your medication.

There is an awesome FREE service that compares prices and finds coupons for your medication in your area! Just simply go here, type in the medication you need, and GoodRX goes to work searching for the lowest prices and coupons to match with it.

good rx

Most users of this site/service have an average savings of 80% on their medications! Give it a try to see how much it can save you!

7. Try switching to a different pharmacy.

While it may be a bit of a chore for you, switching pharmacy could just be the best way for you to save prescription money. Nowadays, you can even get Online Prescriptions By Lawsat Pharm at relative ease, meanng that you’ve got no excuse to not consider switching. There are some rewards for switching to a different pharmacy. For example, you can score 2,500 Plenti Points ($25.00) when you transfer ONE eligible prescription to Rite Aid! Just that alone may be worth switching! (Of course, be sure to use GoodRX to see if your out of pocket will be cheaper.)

rite aid switch

Next time you need to get a prescription filled, try using one of these ways to save money on prescriptions. What are some ways you save money on prescriptions?

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