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9 Kitchen Tools Under $5 (You Didn’t Know You Needed)!

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Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t know half of these handy little devices existed! I mean, there is something to peel your orange besides using your nails and smelling like oranges the rest of the day? Here is a round up of nine kitchen tools that are all under $5.00 that (maybe) you did not know existed, much less know you needed them! As a bonus, these all make great wedding and housewarming gifts!
Purchasing items for the kitchen can get expensive. Check out these nine items you can use in the kitchen for less than $5!


1. Pop Chef- 10 Piece Kit.

Pop Chef- 10 Piece Kit

This nifty little device comes with six shapes (circle, heart, flower, butterfly, sun, and star). You can use it to cut out fruit (and other foods) in shapes, use it to put a cream filling in cupcakes, to decorate cakes, and much more! Grab this and amaze all of your friends with the neat things you can do at the next birthday party, bridal shower, or baby shower you throw. This is the most expensive on our list at $4.98.

2. Orange Opener Peeler Slicer Cutter.

4 x Orange Opener Peeler Slicer Cutter Plastic Lemon Citrus Fruit Skin Remover

Shut the front door! I don’t have to use my nails to peel my orange?! Grab this Orange Opener Peeler Slicer and Cutter and you won’t have to peel your oranges, or grapefruits by hand anymore. This Orange Opener Peeler Slicer and Cutter is small enough to fit in your lunchbox, and the blade cuts without damaging the orange. This only costs $1.41 shipped and has good reviews.

3. Watermelon Slicer.


The #1 RATED Mibia Watermelon Slicer, No Mess, No Stress, Neat And Easy With Juicy Slices Of Melon, Fruit Slicer Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel, Smart Kitchen Gadget, Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Tool

Judge me all you want, but I do not like cutting up watermelon. It ends up making a huge mess on my counter. Since, I love to eat watermelon, I’m the one cutting up watermelon all the while fussing because it’s making a mess. (I know I have issues.) Well, my life was made better by this simple gadget that helps you cut watermelon into bit size chunks without making this huge mess. PLUS it can go in the dishwasher! (Am I the only one that isn’t a fan of the items that have to be handwashed?!) Grab it for just $2.39.


4. Mango Slicer

Fresh mango is so yummy! I use it to infuse my water, and it is delicious. My morning routine to slice mango (when in season) to put in my infuser bottle just got easier with this mango slicer! Grab one for just $2.49.

5. Tea Infuser Leaf Strainer Handle. 

Throw your favorite tea leaves in this infuser to have a hot cup of your favorite tea. You won’t burn your fingers either (which can totally ruin a good cup of tea). Grab one for just $1.49.


6. Plastic Squirrel Shaped Non-Stick Rice Paddle Spoon.

Can we just stop for a minute and admire how cute this is?! I love that it’s not only cute, but functional. This little gadget helps scrape out all of that rice that gets stuck after you cook it. Plus, it’s just $1.71.


7. Loch Ness Monster Nessie Ladle

I’m not even gonna lie, I bought this because it was so cute! Little did I know how much use I would get out of it. I mean, what kid wouldn’t eat soup served to him/her out of a Loch Ness Monster Ladle? Plus, it’s just $2.71! It’s also available in purple and red for a bit more.

8. Easy Tool Stainless Steel Fruit Pineapple Corer Slicer Peeler. 

I always purchased fresh pineapple that had already been cut up, simply because pineapple is so hard to cut up. Then, my life changed when I found this stainless steel pineapple corer, slicer, and peeler! It ranges in price, but is usually less than $4.00. Give it a try if you like to eat pineapple.

 9. Heart Shaped Sandwich Maker Bread Cutter

My kids live on peanut butter sandwiches in the summer. I make up a batch, use a cutter like this, and freeze them. Then, when it’s time to go to the water park, or park for the day, I can just grab a few sandwiches out of the freezer. They fuss so much less when they get to eat a “fun shaped” sandwich, and it saves me an easy $15 per outing we take sandwiches on instead of going through a drive thru somewhere. Grab one of these for just $2.17!

 Do you have any of these in your kitchen? Or have you heard of any of these before?

*Although these prices do fluctuate, these items are almost always under $5.00 since prices can change at anytime on Amazon.

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