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12 Reasons Shopping Online May Not Be For You

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Shopping online isn’t for everyone. But many people do use this as a way of finding what they can’t in store. You can find anything online. Even by doing a quick search into something as simple as clutch bag australia, you’ll realise that online shopping isn’t as hard as you first thought.
There are quite a few Black Friday Ninjas out there, who prefer to get a good deal in person; however, there are some people who just think that shopping online isn’t for them. I, personally, prefer online shopping because well, I don’t have to change out of yoga pants and stores kind of frown upon drinking wine while shopping.

There are a lot of pros and cons to shopping online. Check out these 12 reasons why shopping online may not be for you.


Shopping online isn’t for you if. . .

1. You like walking on eggshells {with your kids} hoping the meltdown waits until AFTER you leave the store.

2. You like changing out of yoga pants and into presentable clothing to go to the store.

3. You like going to five stores only to find the one thing you are looking for is sold out.

sold out

4. You don’t like stacking Kohl’s coupon codes together to save way more than if you would have bought it in the store (you can stack FOUR Kohl’s coupon codes together at one time).

5. You don’t like earning cash back on top of the awesome deals from great cashback sites to save even more money.

6. Long lines are your favorite part of Christmas Shopping.

long lines

7. You like spending extra money to eat out because your kids will have a melt down without a cookie or bag of popcorn.

8. You don’t like receiving items in brown boxes already disguising the toy in the box from your kids; thus ensuring to keep Santa a secret for another year (Kohl’s lets you know if the item will appear in the original box so you can anticipate it and meet the delivery guy at the door or distract your kids).

9. You feel it’s appropriate to peruse Target or Kohl’s with a glass of wine and no bra.



10. You enjoy trying to explain to your kid why this specific toy in your cart is NOT for them even though they’ve been asking for it, but you have to buy it now because you haven’t been able to purchase it without kid in tow. {This is sure to ensue another meltdown.}

11. You like watching your kid break down in a full temper tantrum because you will not pay $8 for that activity they want to do in the middle of the mall.

12. You like to see Walmart not hold up on their promise of opening more lanes this year; thus causing more stress and yet another meltdown from the kids.

two registers


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