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20 Halloween Candy Corn Recipes

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I think Candy Corn Recipes are so much fun and super festive! Here is a round up of Candy Corn Recipes from around the web if you like Candy Corn too.

20 fun Halloween Candy Corn Recipes! #recipes #Halloween

1. Halloween Candy Bark by Feeding Big

2. Crunchy Candy Corn Bars by Baking Beauty

3. Halloween Candy Corn Oreo Bark by Krystal’s Kitsch

4. Halloween Popcorn by 100 Directions

5. Candy Corn Jell-O Shots by The Frugal Navy Wife

6. Candy Corn Poke Cake by Baking Beauty

7. Halloween Pay Day Mix by Miss Information Blog

8. Candy Corn Flower Cookies by Cake Whiz

9. Candy Corn Vodka by The Frugal Navy Wife

10. Candy Corn M&M Halloween ‘Trash’  by Just Us Four Blog

11. Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail by Mission to Save

12. Candy Corn Milk Shake by Baking Beauty

13. Candy Corn Monster Cookies by Cake Whiz

14. Candy Corn Brownies by Practical Mommy

15. Candy Corn Ice Cream by Nerdy Mamma

16. Candy Corn Fudge by Baking Beauty

17. Candy Corn Popcorn Mix by Me and My Inklings

18. Candy Corn Cake by Cake Whiz

19. Candy Corn Shakes by Artsy Momma

20. Candy Corn White Chocolate Chip Cookies by Baking Beauty

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    Laura Kelly
    September 4, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    Thanks for putting this together and for including mine. 🙂

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      September 5, 2016 at 7:43 am

      Thanks for letting me include it! 🙂

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