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I LOVE Shop Your Way Rewards! It seems like they are always giving out FREE points, which translates to FREE items! Guess what? They are giving out ANOTHER round of FREE points (3,000 or $3.00 to be exact) on January 23!

The only catch is though, you HAVE to be signed up under a personal shopper by Tuesday, January 20. Lucky for you though, I’m a personal shopper and it’s completely FREE for you! You see, you can sign up here under me, and I do the “leg work” for you. I send you coupons, let you know about deals, and help you find what you’re looking for (kind of what I already do now 😉 ). Make sure you sign up here, and I will help you find some deals on January 23.


Psssst. Are you a Shop Your Way Rewards Member?? It’s a FREE rewards program Kmart and Sears offers. You can sign up here and allow me to be your personal shopper. I will send you FREE points to snag some great deals from time-to-time. You also get 90 Days of FREE shipping through Shop Your Way Max on orders of $10 or more! Sign up here.

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