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From Yoga Pants & No Shower–To Interview Ready in Less than an Hour

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This past week has been very exhausting, but it’s been an exciting week for me! I’m still getting caught up on sleep as I’ve been so busy, I’ve had no time just to relax. With this, the past couple of days, I’ve been staying up late trying to get a good hour of yoga in. I always recommend it to everyone I know that’s having a hard time. I’ve honestly missed it so much I had to try and squeeze it in somewhere, even if it meant staying up until 1:30. I’ve always found yoga is the best way I can relax and escape from all my problems. With this, I’m still amazed at the way God has worked in the past week. A friend of mine from my yoga classes is an anchor on our local news station. She let me come in and give some tips about Black Friday shopping last Tuesday (November 25).

In the days leading up to the interview, I was very nervous. I am a stay-at-home mom, and most of my wardrobe consists of baby clothes. The rest is just yoga pants, the odd dress, and tee-shirts. I do have a handful of dresses and nicer tops, but I don’t need them, so I don’t have them. Of course, my first reaction when I was asked to come in for an interview (on LIVE TV), was “I have nothing to wear!!” I mean, that is a typical girl answer, right? 😉

I was able to find something to wear (thanks to a local boutique!), and was getting ready for the interview on Tuesday, when thoughts started running through my mind, “What is your expertise? How can you talk about this? You haven’t been doing this long enough. It’s not even going to make a difference.” I immediately started letting the self-doubt take over. After all, I’m NOT an expert and never claimed to be. There are SOOO many more people way more qualified to speak on frugal/Black Friday tips than me.

After I started thinking on these thoughts, I dropped everything and got my yoga mat out and got half an hour in to try and calm myself down to which I realized that I didn’t need to let the self-doubt control me. I prayed. I asked God for guidance, for the words to say, and to bind Satan. After that, I had this AMAZING peace. I was no longer nervous. 🙂

After I dropped the girls off to stay with my sweet aunt, I met my husband at the studio. {He took his lunch break to come support me. . such a great man!} I got into the studio, and it was one of the neatest things I had seen.
It was so neat to see “behind the scenes” of the news. WTVY Interview

I ended up having a fun time during my interview with Devon. She is so professional, sweet, and great at what she does. She prepped me a little before my interview so I didn’t have the “deer in the headlights” stare. 🙂 WTVY Interview 2

After my interview, the neatest thing happened. YOU (my readers) responded! I got SOOO much feed back on Facebook and Instagram from you all! I was blown away by your support! I even got text messages from my closest friends, support from my family, and just had the best experience.

It was a busy week with Black Friday (that really started the week before), and Cyber Monday. I was literally up for more than twenty-four hours straight during Thanksgiving to get deals posted, dinner eaten with my family, and shopping with my friends. By the time Cyber Monday rolled around, I was exhausted. I was up until 2 am, and then ended up taking a nap when my youngest napped from being so exhausted. I woke up and our internet was out! What?! On CYBER MONDAY of all days! I was supposed to be on the internet looking for online deals and internet was out!

I was upset and was about to be in tears from frustration. I received a message from Jessica at WTVY. She asked if she could interview me about Cyber Monday sales. I was shocked! Devon had given her my information and sent her my way!! Of course, I obliged! I couldn’t pass up the amazing opportunity that FELL into my lap.

There was a problem though. . . I was in yoga pants. I hadn’t showered. I had to get ready, get my oldest picked up from preschool, find a sitter to watch my kids, and everything else that goes into a last minute thing. 🙂 I started freaking out, thinking, “there’s no way! I can’t do this!” Once again, I prayed and felt instant peace and calmness. My grandparents were in town to spend time with my brother who is home on leave, so they were excited to spend extra time with my girls so I could do the interview. I went from yoga pants with no shower to interview ready in less than an hour. {I was poet and didn’t know it. 😉 }

WTVY Interview 3

After my interview {you can see the write up and part of the interview here}, I went and ate dinner with my family. My husband and I both received text messages from friends who saw me on the news and encouraged me.I received numerous feedback from some of my friends (and loyal readers) on Facebook and Instagram. Once again, I was blown away by all of you! You all rock and know how to encourage a frugal blogger! Thank you!

WTVY Interview 4

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    That is awesome Megan! Sorry I missed it. I will have to search for the video.

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