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My Year in Review–2014

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2014 has been an exciting year! I started Frugal Finds During Naptime in January, and it eventually took off. It took a while, and it was a slow start. There were days I was discouraged and wanted to throw in the towel, and then there were very exciting days where I just stood in awe of the opportunities God had given me. I made many mistakes along the way, and I’m sure I will make many more.

depressionI came “clean” and wrote about my struggle with depression. I never thought I would write about it or let so many people know about my struggle. It was a difficult post to write. I got a lot of positive feedback and it blew me away.

WTVY Interview

I was asked if I would come on my local TV Station to be interviewed on Black Friday Sales by one of my friends from high school. Then less than a week later, I got asked to come back on TV to be interviewed about Cyber Monday Sales. I was so surprised, honored, and excited! {I think that’s what got me to get ready so quickly on Cyber Monday since I was in yoga pants and hadn’t showered. 😉 }

laundryI wrote about how and why I no longer complain about doing laundry. I admit, sometimes I don’t really like doing laundry, but then I remember why I’m doing it. This by far was my most favorite post of the year.


I opened up with you all about how I had been discouraged and frustrated as I was trying to keep up with my site, and redesign the new site. I received a lot of kind words from you, and a lot of you thanked me for writing it because it spoke to you.

mommy time is a mustI wrote about my struggle with learning that it is OK to take a break. I still struggle with it from time-to-time, and my husband is gracious and reminds me that I do need Mommy Time.

Holiday Christmas background with a border of gift boxes. Vector.

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2014 if the word “Frozen” was mentioned a few times. 🙂 I wrote about how I think parents should tell their kids no to the overpriced Frozen toys and apparel.

What was your favorite post? What would you like to see more of in 2015?

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