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Mommy Moments Monday:: Being “Mary” in a “Martha” World

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Christmas To Do

It’s Christmas Time, and as moms we are busy. There are presents to buy, gifts to wrap, cookies to bake, and more. Not to mention, our normal things we are responsible for each day. It can be stressful.

Yesterday morning at church, our preacher talked about the story of Mary and Martha. He talked about how we kind find hope in God’s presence like Mary did, or we can be rushing around doing everything like Martha. It was then that I realized that I had put too much on my plate, and it was stressing me out. Christmas isn’t supposed to be a stressful time, it’s supposed to be a time where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s supposed to be a time to spend with family, and friends, not running around stressed.

I think society “tells” us what to do. They show us that we need the biggest and best toys for our kids, we need to have our house perfectly decorated for Christmas, we need to make homemade gifts for people on our list, we need to make homemade cookies with our kids, and have a perfectly clean house.

Well, it’s not like that in real life. At least not in mine. To be honest, I’m tired of trying to live up to that. I’m tired of trying to do everything just because I think it’s what I’m supposed to do.

I want to enjoy Christmas. I want to quit being so stressed about getting things done for Christmas, keeping up with things at the house, and attempting to keep up with all of sales and deals here.

Right now, I am totally OK with having a half-way decorated house, dust bunnies under the beds, and flour on the kitchen table because I’m enjoying making cookies with my kids. My kids aren’t going to remember the year the house was perfectly cleaned at Christmas, or the year mom made everyone homemade gifts from all the ideas on Pinterest if it makes me stressed and snappy. They will remember mom being a little on edge, not the fun times. I want my kids to look back and remember the fun times and memories of Christmas.

So, here’s to being “Mary” in a “Martha” world. I’m going to enjoy spending time with family and friends. I’m going to enjoy making a mess in the kitchen with my girls, and I’m going to enjoy staying up late to finish wrapping gifts. I’m not going to stress over the dust bunnies, or the deals I missed posting here. I’m going to enjoy Christmas, and I hope you do as well. Why don’t you join me in cutting the unnecessary items off your “to do” list and soak up Christmas this year?

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