Freebies at Victoria’s Secret

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VS Freebies

If you got the FREE Victoria’s Secret gift card, it expires tomorrow. ALL of them are worth at least $10. With that in mind, I found some items you can snag for FREE with your gift card(s) before they expire. Some items are under $10, so you will have to add another small item with it to use your gift card.

VS hand and body cream

Pink Travel Size Hand & Body Cream, 2 for $10.00

VS body mist

 Pink Travel Size Body Mist 2 for $10.00

VS Fantasies Body LotionTravel Size Fantasies Body Lotion & Body Mist, $4.00

VS Small Glossy Cosmetic Bag

Small Glossy Cosmetic Bag $9.50

VS Ornament

Ornament with Travel Size Fragrance $10.00

There are a few other items, but I just picked a handful. Don’t forget your gift card expires tomorrow (December 19), so head into stores or shop online. If you shop online, you get FREE shipping with orders of $40 or more with the coupon code SHIPDAY40.

Note:: This post may contain affiliate links. For any questions regarding this, please see my disclosure policy.

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