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Apple T.V. $87.99 SHIPPED {This will pay for itself in the first two months}

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apple tv


If you have a goal to start saving more in the New Year, you can save around $800 a year just by cutting your cable! When you do that, you can get something like this Apple T.V. (for just $87.99 shipped), and stream Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other services through it to still watch T.V. and movies! This is a great way to save a good chunk of money each year!

Even if you factor in the cost of this Apple T.V. to your savings, you’re still saving around $710 a year when you cut your cable and use this instead. Your savings alone will pay for this in about two months* and it’s a great way to cut costs without sacrificing a lot. We cut our cable four years ago. Over that time period, we’ve saved a little over $3,000 that would have been going to the cable company!

*This math is based on a cable bill of around $80 a month. That’s what ours was when we had a satellite.


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