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10 Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Crafts

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These kid friendly Thanksgiving Crafts are perfect to keep the kiddos occupied while you bake the pumpkin pie!

Sabrye LOVES “doing art” (crafts). When she’s at home with me, she is normally painting, coloring, or trying to make something. One thing she gets excited about is new holiday crafts! If your looking for some kid friendly Thanksgiving crafts for your kids, I have a round up of some of the best ones I could find. 🙂 I WILL be trying most of these with Sabrye. . and maybe Landrye (she has mastered coloring . . with markers on herself. . . )


  1. Turkey Pinecone Craft
  2. Leaf Feather Turkeys 
  3. Bubble Wrap Printed Turkey Craft 
  4. Thanksgiving Color Sheets (25 free color sheets for toddlers, free color sheets for kids, & more free coloring sheets)
  5. Acorn Turkey
  6. Turkey Craft for Kids: Big and Little 
  7. Dressed Turkeys
  8. Turkey Cone Craft
  9. Turkey Windsocks
  10. Turkey Handprint Craft 


Which one will you be trying with your kids? The Dressed Turkeys will be fun! I have a lot of scrap fabric that Sabrye can make clothes for the turkey. The Turkey Handprint Craft will be fun too. We have a lot of washi tape and clothes pins for this craft already! 🙂

You can pin this here so you can find it easier when you start doing crafts with your kiddos. 🙂

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