“Owl” share my breakfast!

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If you’re like me, breakfast time comes too early and often before I can even press the button on the Keurig to have it pump out my liquid energy before my two fully-energized little girlies are making requests. Well, let me share with you this little gem I whipped up one morning when in my sleepless state I realized this super-mom definitely needed to plan some coupon shopping trips because the Nelson house was down to some very random assortments of often stockpiled items. So, I put my thinking cap on and came up with this:

owl waffle

Ta-da! Cute, right?! 😉

Seriously though, I decided to share this with you now because with the week of Thanksgiving upon us I figured a kid-friendly breakfast with minimal effort that your little ones (or any owl enthusiast) may enjoy would be an easy way to start your day with a smile 🙂

So, the recipe (if I can even call it that! ha!) is pretty simple but here ya go:

1 Eggo frozen waffle (If you have kids, do like I do and buy mass quantities when on sale for your AM sanity)
Peanut butter (Enough for one waffle, don’t get carried away) 😉
1 Piece of Candy Corn (Probly still sitting in a jar on top of the fridge that you have forgotten about from your kid’s Halloween candy. Your’re welcome.)
Banana slices (Everyone has these. This will help you eat them before they turn into “I’m totally ‘gonna make banana bread with these” bananas)
Target’s Monster Trail Mix (We stock up on this when it’s on sale! It’s a family favorite!)

Now that you have your fancy ingredients, look at my adorable picture and recreate your own little owl 🙂 I like to think mine is sitting on a branch of trail mix 😉

I made this for my kiddos and it was a hit. Cute, quick and moderately healthy with a fun “treat” of letting your kiddos think they are really getting away with something because they are also eating candy for breakfast! Win-win in my book!

Hope you enjoy this little treat! If you give it a try or were inspired to make something of your own similar we want to see! Share it with us via Instagram and tag us! @FFDNT #owlsharemybreakfast

Happy hooting!

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