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5 Tips for Saving Money on Black Friday Online Sales

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5 tips for saving money on black friday sales online

If you like to save money, but don’t enjoy the Black Friday in-store crowds, don’t worry there are Black Friday online sales. In fact, most times you can save MORE online than you can in the store. 🙂 Here are some tips to help you get the most out of shopping online.

  • Stack coupon codes–Oftentimes, there are A LOT of coupon codes you can stack with each other to save the most money and get free shipping. When you stack coupon codes, you can save more and not have to deal with the crowds {introverts secretly got excited right there! 😉 }.
  • Sign up for rewards programs–You need to sign up with rewards programs like Shop Your Way, Amazon Prime, Ebates, and Top Cashback BEFORE the big shopping days. These will give you cash back, free points towards purchases, free shipping, and more! You can combine these with coupon codes to save more!
  • Shop early–You can save MORE money if you shop the deals early. For example, Walmart Pre-Black Friday deals have already started, Best Buy’s Black Friday deals have already started, Sears released theirs, and Amazon’s have started too. You can shop these online and snag some better deals than you will on Black Friday!
  • Look at shipping costs–Most of the time you can snag FREE shipping; however, if you’re scoring an item for $10 rather than $50 and have to pay $5 for shipping, it’s still a HUGE savings and is great! You have to think of the shipping charges as gas money you didn’t have to pay, crowds you didn’t have to deal with, etc.
  • Follow me on social media–I post A LOT of deals. You can follow me on Twitter here, Pinterest here, and Facebook here. You can also join this Facebook group here for Christmas deals, and this Facebook group here for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals where multiple bloggers are posting great deals to help you save more in both groups.
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