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Jane:: Insulated Food Carrier $7.99 (reg. $27.99)

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With the holidays coming up, I’m sure you will probably have a lot of events to attend. Many of those, you will probably have to bring some sort of covered dish. There is nothing worse than preparing a covered dish, getting it in your car, only for it to spill in your car or when you get it out at your destination (no matter how many towels, hot pads, and aluminum foil you use). This usually happens to me! If you have the same issue, you can snag an insulated food carrier for just $7.99! The regular price is $27.99. You’re saving $20! Plus each one of these has a zipper closure and a handle. This is a fantastic price, plus it solves my problem of spilling while transporting. 🙂

Festive Insulated Food Carriers! 16 Designs! – $7.99

Retail Price: $27.99
You Save: $20.00

Snag it here — > Insulated Food Carrier $7.99
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