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31 Days to Clutter Free Challenge:: Day 5–Books & Magazines

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Today’s Clutter Free Challenge was to create a functional and organized space for books and magazines. Well, I didn’t get all the way through my books (I will write a “continued” post on the books later) today. I did get through our huge collection of magazines though. 🙂

Magazines can quickly add up to become a basket full! {At least that’s what happened in our house.} To declutter magazines, use these tips::

  • Throw away all issues older than 2-3 months
  • If you haven’t read the last few issues, chances are you are probably wasting money on the subscription and you should spend a few minutes unsubscribing.
  • If there is an article, recipe, coupon, or something else in an issue you wanted, pull that out but get rid of the magazine.
  • Any periodicals you have are kept on file at local libraries, so you can get rid of these
  • Throw away all sales catalogs that have crept their way into your magazine pile
  • Organize remaining magazines in a basket or magazine rack
  • Commit to spending 5-10 minutes each month to clear out old issues of magazines


A couple years ago I was tired of a stack of magazines sitting on our coffee table, so I purchased a cute wicker basket for them. Well that is a great concept, but when you don’t clean out the basket. .  . . not so great. My basket was overflowing! I found issues of magazines from the Summer of 2012! This is the stack of magazines I ended up throwing out.

clutter free day 5 magazinesI want to see the stack of magazines you were able to clear out. Remember to use the hash-tags #FFDNTChallenge & #ClutterFreeFFDNT when posting. If you’ve missed any of the challenges or if you want to see more pictures of my messy house, you can catch up here. 🙂

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