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31 Days to Clutter Free Challenge:: Day 3–Mail + Tips to Cut Down on Mail Clutter

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Today’s challenge is to organize and declutter the mail {you can see the other Clutter Free daily challenges here if you missed them}. Many families end up with a pile of mail on the dining room table, coffee table, kitchen counter, or desk. Day after day the stack gets bigger and bigger until it’s overflowing. Then it’s overflowing and overwhelming. Today, we’re going to tackle that pile and I’m going to give you practical tips on keeping the mail clutter down. From self storage facilities, to taking your time labelling boxes, when it comes to de-cluttering, soon enough, you’ll find a way of making it easier for yourself.

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Not too long ago, our table and even my husband’s desk was piled with mail. My husband and I were both sick of it, so we decided to tackle the mess together. Since he is the primary “saver” and “bill payer” in our family, he took care of filing the bills that needed to be filed. He gave me a stack of mail that was addressed to me to go through. Most of this mail was junk mail, store catalogs, magazines, coupons, coupon mailers, and sales papers. He went through his stack of junk mail as well. We took an old empty box, labeled it “shred” and threw our junk mail in there that needed to be shredded. Then we went through our magazines and either put them in our magazine basket or threw them out. I threw out all store catalogs, and only kept the coupon mailers for the restaurants and places we actually go to eat. The rest was thrown away. Once we got through these huge stack of mail, we vowed we would never let it get like that again! As you can see from my “stack” of mail, we haven’t let it get back like that either:

clutter free challenge day 3

Tips to Cutting Down on Mail Clutter::

  • Have a designated “shred basket”
  • Each day toss the junk mail with sensitive information {like credit card offers} in your “shred basket”
  • Throw away other junk mail each day
  • If you have magazine subscriptions, have a designated basket to collect new issues, and place them there when you receive a new issue
  • Have a designated basket to place medical receipts, bank statements, and other important documents that need to be filed
  • Only keep the coupons from the mailed flyers that you will use, and throw the rest away {I kept the Papa John’s pizzas coupons, and tossed the Captain D’s ones from the picture above today}
  • Have a designated place to collect the bills and place them there when they come in the mail
  • Throw away or recycle sales catalogs after you take out any coupons-like my $3.50 Ulta coupon from this picture {This keeps you from impulse buying, and cuts down on clutter.}
  • Shred the items in your shred box once a week
  • File the important documents each week

After you’ve cleared your mail clutter today, you only have to commit a minute or two to going through your mail each day to decide whether it needs to be shredded, filed, kept, or thrown away to keep your mail clutter from returning.

I want to see your pictures of your mail stack before and/or after. Do you have an organizing system that works for you? Let me see that too. Upload your pictures to Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter with the hash-tags #FFDNTChallenge #ClutterFreeFFDNT to be entered into the drawing at the end of the month. If you don’t know which drawing I’m referring to, you can see it here. You can also sign up to receive exclusive deals, freebies, and exclusive news straight to your inbox daily.

Currently, I just stack the bills and “to be filed” items on my husband’s desk, but I really want to get something to organize our mail. 🙂

mail organizers inspiration

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