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31 Days to Clutter Free Challenge:: Day 14–Master Closet

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Clutter Free challenge day 14

Today’s Clutter Free Challenge is the Master Closet. Our Master Closet will take more than the 30-60 minute allotted time frame to declutter! Our closet was a storage room and was turned into a huge walk-in closet. Well, our bedroom is small and so some things just ended up being pushed into the closet. Our closet serves as a place to hide Christmas presents, the place to just put something that doesn’t have a “home”. . . . . we even have a filing cabinet in our closet! I mean, who does that?? Oh yeah. . we do. 😉

I have been going through and decluttering our closet little by little over the past couple of weeks. It has been such a huge undertaking, but I figured out what works for me. Today, I’m going to share my tips for decluttering your closet with you.

  • Take a small section of your closet where your clothes are hanging up, and go through that section. Pull out anything that is damaged right away to either repurpose it for a craft project or toss it.
  • From that same section, pull out the clothes you haven’t worn in the last year*, and assess them. Ask “Will I wear this again? Do I really like it? Does it fit?” If the answer is “no” to any of those, put it in a donation box.
  • Pull out any clothing items that you are hoping to fit into again “one day” and donate them. {If you are actively losing weight and are not far from your goal, by all means keep it; however, if you’ve been holding onto it for a couple of years, donate it.}
  • Repeat this process until you have went through all of the clothes.
  • Go through all the clothes left and assess them. If they don’t fit, don’t flatter you, you don’t feel comfortable in, and you are just really unsure about, donate or sell them.
  • Go through outfits and make sure all pieces that go with that outfit fit and are not damaged. If one piece doesn’t fit, access the outfit. Can you pair the piece that fits with another piece in your closet for an extra outfit?
  • Keep only items that fit, flatter, and make you feel fabulous! 🙂
  • Go through your accessories–Purses, Belts, Jewelry, Scarves, & Hats–Assess them. Donate or sell any that don’t fit, you are unsure of, you don’t use, or are missing pieces. You can get a quote on your ring if you’re thinking of selling your more high-end jewelry.
  • Go through all of your shoes–Keep only the shoes that fit, you wear on a regular basis, are comfortable, and that you like. Donate or sell the rest of your shoes.
  • Don’t feel guilty for donating, selling, or getting rid of items that were given to you that you don’t use. It’s OK to find a new home for them.
  • Organize and put all dresses together, jeans together, sweaters together, etc.
  • Go through your jackets and make sure they fit, are not damaged, and that you wear when the weather is cooler. If the coat is damaged, assess the damage. If there is just a small hole in the liner of the pocket, you can sew it up with just a couple of stitches and it is as good as new. 🙂
  • If you have a lot of coats, consider donating or selling a few–You really only need one coat. I have more than one because I wanted a nicer one for when I wear a dress, or something nicer when it’s cold. If you’re the same way, that’s fine. 🙂
  • Once you have your donation, mend, and sell piles–deal with them accordingly. Then clear out the excess hangers from the items you are donating or selling.
  • If your closet its a huge undertaking, designate 10 minutes a day to working on it. You will be less stressed and will feel better about it as you work through it.

How is it going clearing out your closet? I hope to get through the rest of our clothes and onto the filing cabinet soon. 🙂 If you missed an assignment, you can catch up here.

*I chose to go by the “one year” rule/measurement because I live in South Alabama. I haven’t worn a winter coat, sweater, or long sleeved shirt in 6 months because it’s been too hot. I have worn some of them in the last year though. 🙂

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