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31 Days to Clutter Free Challenge:: Day 1-Ground Rules & Supplies

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clutter free day 1

If you are a subscriber to my email, you got the news first yesterday {plus TWO bonus entries-Twitter and Facebook-opportunities into the giveaway} about the Clutter Free Challenge. If you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up here for exclusive news, freebies, and other deals delivered straight to your inbox first. Before you start any task, you must prepare. You don’t start a brand new recipe without first preparing and making sure you have all the supplies, neither should you start a challenge without them.

You need to prepare to become Clutter Free::

  1. You need to mentally commit to the process of letting things go. If you aren’t just fed up with clutter and ready to let things go, you might not do so well. You really do need to be ready to “Let it Go” {Cue Elsa singing}.
  2. You need to talk with your family about the changes that are coming. Let your kids know you will be decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary items. If they have things they absolutely want to keep, let them know they need to find a spot for them.* Sit down and talk with your spouse. Are there certain things that he absolutely cannot get rid of? Listen, talk, and take into account his feelings. Then come up with a solution.
  3. You need to schedule 30-60 minutes each day for you to complete the task. If you need to get caught up on the weekends, then schedule in a little more time then to get caught up, take boxes to Good Will, list your items for sell, etc.
  4. You need to get the supplies you will need to complete each assignment. You will need boxes for donation items, a label marker or label maker, storage bins, and containers. It is probably best to wait on the storage bins and containers so you know which size to get for each area.
  5. You need to tidy up. Go ahead and tidy up your house a little. Do the dishes, fold laundry, put things away, and do a general pick up each day. It’s easier to work in a clean, tidy place than to be sitting in a mess trying to declutter.


There are some ground rules to the Clutter Free Challenge to help keep you on track and to set some guidelines/boundaries. After you prepare to become Clutter Free, there are some general “rules” to the 31 Days to Clutter Free Challenge.

  • Everything must have a home–Don’t have room for it or a spot for it? It must go.
  • Everything must have a purpose–Are you hanging on to that item because it was a gift or because it means something to you? What purpose does it serve you? Is it just an extra item you have to dust? Evaluate it.
  • Everything must be in good working order–That old video game you’ve had since you were a kid that doesn’t work? Get rid of it. That old lamp that has the electrical thing messed up in it you’ve been keeping for a DIY project and to try to figure out how to fix? Get rid of it. If it doesn’t work {and new batteries or a new lightbulb doesn’t fix it}, get rid of it.
  • Everything must be labeled–I SERIOUSLY LOVE this one! I have a new label maker and have been dying to get to labeling and organizing things. This way even my husband will know where everything goes. 😉
  • Everything that needs to go, must go FAST–If you have a “donation box”, as soon as it’s full, donate it. If you have a box of items to sell, go ahead and take pictures and post them. It doesn’t do us much good if we take all of our un-wanted clutter and put them in boxes just to clutter our garage, does it? You could also consider renting a dumpster from a firm like Dumpster.co for any large items that cannot be re-homed.


Today, your challenge is to get prepared for this challenge. Let me see pictures of your boxes, markers, label makers, and other supplies! Make sure you first “follow” Frugal Finds During Naptime on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. Then tag us in the photo, and use the hash-tags #prepare2bClutterFree #FFDNTChallenge. Remember, you get an entry for each social media account this goes across with the proper hash-tags. 🙂

Keep in mind, preparing doesn’t have to cost you anything. I am using empty diaper boxes, a sharpie, and a label maker {missing from the picture} I already had at home. I didn’t go out and purchase anything.

If some of the clutter is driving you crazy and you just can’t wait to get started, you can spend 5 minutes and clean out your inbox here.

*My oldest wants a fish. We told her that in part of the decluttering process, we will be cleaning off her dresser. (It is horrible!) Her “reward” in helping declutter is a fish. She knows she cannot have a fish in her room with her mess and she doesn’t like to throw away things. This is helping her come to terms with getting rid of every.single.color.sheet. If your kids need a little encouragement for helping get rid of their clutter, talk it over with your spouse and come up with a good solution.

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