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31 Days to Clutter Free Challenge:: Day 4–Living Room

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Today’s Clutter Free Challenge is to declutter the living room. I was inspired to take on this challenge so that I can make room for new furniture like these cowhide footstools from Finlows. This is probably an area of your home that your family spends the most time in together; therefore, it probably has the most “stuff” in it and probably seems like a daunting task. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Remember, we have rules to go by when decluttering to help give us some guidelines.

Getting started on the Day 4 Challenge::

  1. Assess the space–List all the purposes of the living room. What is the one thing that is driving you or your spouse crazy about the room? {Are there too many toys, knick knacks, paperwork, or something else?} Maybe your staircase is damaged slightly so you could do with investing in some of the stair parts from Pear Stairs? Do you like the layout of the room? If not, how would you like to change it?
  2. Assess all furniture in the room–Do you use that piece of furniture? Does it serve a purpose? Has your family outgrown it? Does it look old and outdated? Could a coat of paint, a new throw blanket, or new covers for throw pillows help update it? Does it just need to be thrown out?
  3. Assess all items in the room–Are they serving a purpose? Does it add to or take away from the environment you want in the living room?
  4. Do you need anything to help organize items? A bookshelf? Wicker Baskets? Shelves? Something else?

Once you’ve completed these steps, you probably have some ideas of what you want to do in this room. Now it’s time to get started on it.

  • Before you can get started decluttering, you first need to do a general clean up. {If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw me post my huge pile of laundry I had to fold and put away before I could get started.}
  • Clear all surfaces {coffee table, end tables, side tables, etc.} of mail, paper work, and other items that do not belong there.
  • Remove any item that does not belong in the living room, and put it away in the room where it belongs.
  • Clear out old magazines. If there is only a certain recipe you want in the magazine you’ve been holding onto, take the recipe out and toss the magazine. {I cleared out our basket of magazines last night and found issues from 2012!}
  • Remove anything that is broken, or does not work and throw it away.
  • Remove anything that is not a good fit for the room. If you have old gaming consoles you haven’t used in years, donate it or sell it.
  • Go through your knick knacks, and keep only the items that fit into these categories:
    • Serve a purpose
    • Are currently useful
    • You want to display
  • Go back through your knick knacks and throw away, donate, or sell any item that:
    • Doesn’t work
    • You don’t like, use, or really want
    • Is that one item you move from room to room when you clean up because it doesn’t really have a “home”
    • You feel obligated to keep because it was given to you as a gift or was really expensive

With my living room, all the toys were driving me insane. So, this is where I started.clutter free challenge day 4 toys

I went through and sorted out where toys needed to go. {My youngest has a habit of “hiding” things, so I found bath toys, her sister’s toys, a measuring spoon from the kitchen I had been missing, the back to a TV remote, and a lot of other random things hidden in the basket.} After I put the toys away in each room where they belong, I focused on downsizing the toys. I started sorting again, and put “baby” toys in a small pile, her favorite toys, annoying toys, and other toys. I put the “baby” toys that are too “young” for her in the donation box. I kept a few of her favorite {quiet} toys out and placed them neatly in the basket. I threw away a couple broke toys. I put away the other toys in her room. Then I waited until she went to bed and got rid of a couple of those annoying toys we’ve had for what seems like forever that don’t work very well anyways. {Yes, I’m that mom. Don’t act like you wouldn’t do won’t do the same thing when you do this challenge. 😉 } After this was done, it looked much better. Maybe if I get time I’ll look into getting a better quote for my energy bills, I hear that people who compare energy prices save a lot of money through price comparison websites.

clutter free challenge day 4 toys after

I cleaned off the few random socks that are always on our couch after folding a load of clothes. I also cleaned the glass on the coffee table, and cleaned it up.

clutter free challenge day 4 after

I cleaned off the table underneath our TV, and cleaned the drawers out. I tossed a few things, dusted, and then decorated for Fall. 🙂 Doing this also helped me realise it might be time to look at some of the new wooden TV stands available at competitive prices to replace our an old and shabby one.

clutter free challenge day 4 Fall

How was your Day 4? If you’re behind, that’s OK start where you are. 🙂 I want to see your “before” picture and your “after” picture. It can’t be worse than mine. 🙂 Remember to use the hash-tags #FFDNTChallenge & #ClutterFreeFFDNT when posting your pictures so you can be entered into the drawing for the gift card(s).

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