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30 Days to Change:: Day 20–2nd & Charles

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30 days to change

This is part of a 30 day series -30 Days to Change. I am giving you practical tips over the course of 30 days to have more change/cash by Christmas. If you missed a post, you can catch up here. If you have any tips or ideas for this series, or would like to submit a guest post for this series, please contact me.

If you have a 2nd & Charles in your area, you can get some extra cash for your books, video games, old records, camera equipment, video games, and more!

2nd & Charles is owned by Books-a-Million. They are a book store that gives you cash or in-store credit for your books, video games, old video games, and more! I, personally, have cleaned out some of my books and have taken them to 2nd & Charles. You can choose to receive cash or store credit for your items.

I always choose the in-store credit. {The in-store credit NEVER expires!} 2nd & Charles sells brand new items. I sold some of my old books, received a $17 in-store credit, and bought a brand new Frozen book for Sabrye with the credit. The book ended up costing me NOTHING out of pocket and I STILL have store credit left!

If you don’t do a lot of reading, watch movies, or don’t want the in-store credit, you can choose the cash. I like keeping a small in-store credit at 2nd & Charles. It makes for a fun, last minute outing with my girls; not to mention, I don’t have to pay anything out of pocket when they each pick out a book. 🙂

If you have any questions about the process, you can go here to see 2nd & Charles policies here.

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  1. […] of some clutter {to just make room for new DVDs at Christmas }, I can now sell these DVDs through 2nd & Charles or Amazon’s Trade In Program for some extra cash for Christmas shopping. This makes it a […]

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