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5 Tips to Stop Impulse Buying

If you struggle with impulse buying, you're not alone. Check out these tips to help you save more and spend less on those little impulse purchases.
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I recently had a reader subscribe to my daily email, and email me back on one of her struggles in learning to save money. She told me one of her struggles was impulse buying. Unfortunately, I know this struggle all too well. If you struggle with this as well, here are some things I have learned to do to stop impulse buying.


5 Tips to Stop Impulse Buying:

1. Skip Purchases at the Register.

These items are extremely overpriced. If you see the latest issue of a magazine you want, order a magazine subscription instead of purchasing one issue at the register. Oftentimes, you can order an entire year’s worth of issues for just about $1.00 more than you will pay for one issue. If you have a child who asks for items at the register, try talking to your child before you get to the checkout to avoid a meltdown.

2. Talk with Your Spouse. 

Tell your spouse your struggle with impulse buying. I have found that in most marriages, there is one “spender” and one “saver”. If you are the spender struggling with impulse buying, chances are your spouse will be able to hold you accountable or help you break this habit.

3. Carry Cash. 

If you don’t have the cash for it, you won’t purchase it. This is a Dave Ramsey tip and works very well!

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4. Classify Wants vs. Needs.

If you see an item you want in a store, put it back, and finish your shopping in the store. After you finish your shopping, come back to the item. If you’re still indecisive, leave the item there. It has been my experience that the next day, I’m not really thinking about the item which tells me it’s a “want” and not a “need”.

Bonus Tip: Shop with a list and only purchase what is on the list. You can use our printable shopping list when viewing our match-ups by clicking the little box next to the item. View our match-ups here

5. Create “Wiggle Room” in your Budget. 

If your budget allows it, create a little “wiggle room”. Allow yourself a certain amount of cash/allowance a week or month for you to spend. If you know you know you only have $20 a week to spend on whatever you want, you are less likely to blow it on a candy at the register or another impulse purchase. Instead, you can save to purchase an item you truly want and/or need.

Have you found any other tips that have worked for you?? I would love to know what you’ve found that works for you.

If you struggle with impulse buying, you're not alone. Check out these tips to help you save more and spend less on those little impulse purchases.

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