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Coupon Lingo Broken Down

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Have you ever seen an AWESOME deal to grab diapers for SUPER cheap and then see things like “Use (1) $1.00/1 Luvs Diapers, PG 7/23” and wonder what in the world is a PG? Then you try to click on it to see if you can print it, only to have no such luck and are still left wondering, “Where can I get that coupon?” because let’s face it, diapers aren’t cheap! I’m here to help! I have broken down what everything means.

A lot of sites use coupon lingo new couponers don't understand, & it causes confusion. I have broken down the coupon lingo to help you learn the meanings so you can successfully save money!

Many people ask me what certain initials mean they come across on coupon sites and groups. A lot of it is Coupon Lingo or shorthand for common phrases. You may see some of these on private or public Facebook Coupon Groups. I don’t use all of these, but have put together a list of all of the Coupon Lingo I have seen and/or use with the meanings so you can understand what it means.

Coupon Lingo Broken Down:

  • SS=Smart Source coupon insert
  • RP= Red Plum coupon insert
  • PG= Proctor and Gamble coupon insert
  • TP= Tear Pad (normally found on a shelf next to the product)
  • WYB= When You Buy, referring to a deal when you get a free item when you buy a qualifying product
  • OOP= Out of Pocket, referring to how much money was spent
  • NLA= No Longer Available, referring to a coupon that is now no longer available to print
  • ISO= In Search Of, you may see this when someone is looking for a particular coupon
  • GC= gift card, when there is a gift card deal
  • EXP= expiration date
  • PC= Publix Coupon
  • ECB= Extra Care Bucks, from CVS
  • RR= Register Rewards, from Walgreens
  • BR= Balance Rewards, the points you earn on a purchase at Walgreens
  • +UP= Rewards from Rite Aid
  • IVC= Instant Value Coupon at Walgreens
  • WAGS= Walgreens
  • IP= Internet Printable
  • MQ= Manufacture Coupon

Next time you see that HOT diaper deal, you will know what everything means so you can stock up on your favorite brand of diapers for cheap!

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