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Seven Apps to Help You Save Money When You Don’t Have Time to Coupon

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Some of you may want to save money on your grocery bill, but don’t know where to start, or don’t have the time to clip coupons. That’s OK. You can still save money without buying inserts each week. Now, with inserts you do save quite a bit of money; however, if you don’t have the time to clip them you will be wasting your money even purchasing them. Spending money on inserts to just have to throw them away due to lack of time to clip coupons is just taking a step backwards instead of a step towards your savings goal. 

Not having time to clip is no excuse to not be saving at least a little bit on your grocery bill each week. There are quite a few FREE apps to download, that actually give you cash back on certain items! Some give you reward points to trade in for awesome prizes, some give you just a percentage off in the store, but most actually give you cash! They are free to download, easy to use, and help you save hundreds of dollars each year on your grocery bill. I’m going to go through them individually to tell you the pros and cons of each app.

Seven Apps to Help You Save Money When You Don’t Have Time to Coupon:

1.) Favado
Favado combines all of the store sales around your area. If you are looking for a particular item, you can use the search feature, and it pulls up all of the ads with the best prices on that particular item. So, if you’re wanting apples, you can use the search feature, and find out the cheapest price on apples at which store. This alone will save you a couple hundred dollars a year by buying items at the cheapest price possible! You can download Favado here.

2.) Ibotta
I absolutely LOVE Ibotta. I haven’t even had Ibotta for an entire year yet, and have already saved $135.25! Ibotta is a FREE mobile app with some awesome rebates each week. Not to mention, you can save $0.50 on milk each week! That’s $26 per year on milk alone! You can download Ibotta here. As a bonus for downloading it here, you will receive an additional $2 when you submit your first rebate within 10 days of downloading this app right here!

3.) Target Cartwheel
Target Cartwheel is fantastic!! You can use Target Cartwheel with Target coupons too! It makes for some awesome savings! Normally the savings on Target Cartwheel match with the current ad. Just over the past two months, I have saved around $17!

4.) Checkout 51
Each Thursday, Checkout 51 has a new set of mobile coupons. I have noticed that a lot of times the mobile coupons go hand-in-hand with quite a few of the current ads. The mobile coupons run Thursday through Wednesday. Unlike Ibotta, you can use Checkout 51 at ANY store. This is good if you, like me, live in a rural area and have a few “mom and pop” stores. Ibotta only includes the bigger, national stores. Another benefit to Checkout 51, is that each week, they have a mobile coupon for produce! You can download Checkout 51 here

5.) Shopmium
Shopmium is another app that gives you cash back. The thing I like about Shopmium is that you receive your cash back within your PayPal account within two days of redeeming your offer! If you download Shopmium here and use the referral code: GMYKHKRV you will receive an additional offer for a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar! 

6.) Shopkick
Shopkick is a great app that rewards you with “kicks” just for walking into certain stores. If you frequent Target, Walmart, Old Navy, or JC Penney, you should really download this app. Once you receive so many “kicks” you can redeem them for gift cards to Target, Toys R Us, iTunes, Walmart, Lowes, and many other stores! So, save your kicks between now and November, then redeem them for gift cards to help save money on Christmas. If you download Shopkick here, you will receive 50 Bonus Kicks to get you started.

7.) Jingit
Jingit is a lot like Shopkick and Ibotta combined. You get rewarded for walking into certain stores, watching ads, and you even get cash back when you buy certain items. You can download Jingit here to give it a try. 

(Note: This post may contain my referral link. For questions regarding this, please see my disclosure policy.)

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