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Mommy Moments Monday: What is a Good Mom?

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Since Mother’s Day was yesterday, it got me thinking “What does a good mom look like?” I heard a quote one time: “A good mom lets her kids lick the cake beaters; a great mom turns off the beaters first.” If that’s true, we are all great moms, right? While it’s a light-humored way to look at it, I’m sure all moms wonder if they are doing a good job as a mom, if they’re a good mom, or if their kids even hear them. I’m sure we all wonder does a good mom have it altogether? Does she have her kids well-dressed and groomed? Are her kids in wrinkle-free clothes? Does she never have to raise her voice at her kids in public? Do her kids never misbehave in public (we all know that’s a joke, right? 😉 )? Does she always has the diaper bag packed so that she never runs out of diapers? Does she never run out of milk and have to make a midnight run to the grocery store? Do her kids never get in trouble at school? Does she always has a clean house? Does she stay up late helping with her child’s school  project? Does she always have a nicely decorated house? Do her kids do their chores willingly and without complaining? 

I think all of those are what society tells us a good mom is, looks like, or should be like. I also think it’s what social media portrays a good mom to look like. While all of these things are “good” qualities to have, I don’t think it’s necessarily all the qualities a mom should possess. As a Christian, I think that it is important to teach our children responsibility, how to behave, and many other important skills; however, I think it’s more important to teach our children the values and beliefs we want our children to possess. 

What would happen if we let toys pile up on the floor because we are playing and loving on our children? What would happen if we took a break from the laundry, and did a short devotional with our kids? What would happen if we didn’t worry if our kids clothes matched, and let them dress themselves? Let’s be honest, running out of milk, diapers, or another necessity resulting in a last minute, unplanned trip to the store, makes for a funny story later. 

Let’s let go of what society shows or tells us a good mom should look like. Let’s quit comparing ourselves to Pinterest projects and other moms’ perfectly toned bodies after just having a baby. Let’s quit comparing ourselves to how big of a wedding another mom put together for her daughter. Let’s quit comparing ourselves to “June Cleaver”. We are all made individually and unique, and are given kids to raise that need what we have to offer them. You may not be that “Pinterest” mom or that mom with a perfectly cleaned house. In the big picture, those things do not matter. What matters is the values, lessons, scriptures, and skills we teach our children. For the record, I think taking the time to teach our children values, lessons, scriptures, and skills is what makes a good mom. Any woman can clean a house, create something unique, or decorate their house; however, a good mom takes the time and patience to teach, guide, and form her child’s mind.     

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