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Mommy Moment Mondays: Planning for Summer Break

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Summer Break can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re a working mom, you may be trying to figure out what to do with your kids over the summer. If you’re a stay at home mom or will be home with your kids over the summer, you may be trying to figure out some fun, affordable activities to do other than the mundane “Go outside and play”. Here are ten activities you can do with your kids. Each activity is under $5! 🙂

1.) Kids Bowl Free
There is a great program where you can sign your kids up to bowl two free games a day! (Yes, a day!) You will just have to pay for bowling shoes for your kids. Check it out here to see where the closest bowling center or school that participates is in relation to where you live. This is a nationwide event, so hopefully, there will be one close to you.

2.) Your local library
Many libraries have a Summer Reading Program, where your kids are rewarded for reading a certain number of books. If you do not have a library card, they are fairly cheap. You can take your kids to let them pick out different books to read and enjoy for a couple weeks at a time. These saves you money on buying new books for your kids, gets you out of the house, and lets your kids pick out books to read they may normally not see at a store. This will also help your kids when they go back to school. They won’t be “adjusting” back into a routine of reading and homework.

3.) Your local park
If you have a local park nearby, take advantage of it! Take your kids, and enjoy some time outdoors. Of course, if you’re like me, and live in a part of the United States that has extremely hot and humid summers (Southeast Alabama), this may not be an option during the “dog days of summer”, or for a picnic around lunch time. So, try going in the morning or in the early evening hours when it’s cooler so you can enjoy it longer.

4.) Let your kids invite their friends over
Let your kids invite a friend over to play. This will let your kids play, do something different than their usual daily routine, and will let them burn some energy. Not to mention, it is fairly cheap. 

5.) Old Fashioned Sprinkler
I remember, as a child, spending some days during summer break playing in the sprinkler outside. Just because we’ve advanced in technology, doesn’t mean we can’t pull out some of the things our parents did to keep us entertained during summer breaks. 🙂 Pull out your sprinkler, let the kids get in their swim suits, slather them in sunscreen and let them run and play in the sprinkler. 

6.) Your local movie theater
Many movie theaters across the United States have “Summer Specials”. I know my local theater has a deal every Wednesday and Thursday of summer break, where you can pay $3.00 to get in to see a movie, get pop corn, and a drink! Granted, these are normally movies that are a year or two old, but it’s cheap, fun, and nice and cool during the hot summer days. 🙂 

7.) Volunteer
Do you have a group of World Changers coming in to do some work in your town? Does your local food bank need help organizing the shelves? Does your local animal shelter need help walking dogs or feeding animals? Volunteer with your kids, and help out. This can be a very invaluable lesson your kids learn about helping others. 

8.) Rent a movie
If you have some rainy days, rent a movie or two from your local Red Box or video store to give your kids something else to watch.

9.) Your local bookstore
Many bookstores have a “reading time” each week. Usually a store employee reads a book, then there is a fun, simple activity for your kids to do that relates to the story. This is normally completely free as well. Check with your local bookstore. 

10.) Make Popsicles
You can buy the Popsicle molds from the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and just about anywhere. Kool-Aid is super cheap too. Have some fun and make Popsicles with your kids.

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