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Money Saving Tips:: Seven Ways to Save Money on Milk and Produce

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Many people have asked, “How do you save money on items like milk, fruits, and vegetables? Is it possible to save money on those?” Yes, it is. 🙂 Now there are mobile apps that help you save money on milk and produce, along with sales and coupons. Here are seven ways to save money on milk and produce. 

First thing you need to do to start saving is to download the FREE money saving app Ibotta. (If you download it here, you will receive an additional $2 when you redeem your first offer within the first two weeks of downloading it.) Go ahead and download it, I’ll wait. Now that you have it downloaded, open it up and click on “Grocery”. Then find your grocery store and open it up. Scroll through until you find the $0.50 back on milk offer and go ahead and answer the poll to “unlock” the $0.50 back. Then, when you buy milk, upload your receipt to get your $0.50 back! I know you may be thinking, “$0.50 is not a lot of money.” You’re right. It’s not a lot of money; however, $0.50 back on milk is better than nothing. This $0.50 offer on milk is good EVERY week. This means, within one year of redeeming just the milk offer each week, you will have $26! Download it here, if you didn’t already. 🙂

If your family is anything like mine, you go through about three gallons of milk a week. Well, you can only redeem the $0.25 Ibotta offer once a week per gallon per phone. So, have your husband, son, daughter, or another family member with a smart phone download this app. Then you can save $0.50 each week on milk! That’s $26 in savings a year on milk alone!

Next, each week SavingStar has a Healthy Offer of the Week. It’s normally 20% back on a certain type of produce. I have seen 20% back on apples, potatoes, bananas, green peppers, sweet potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, and more! Each week it’s a new item. Sign up for SavingStar here. Make sure you enter your grocery and drug store cards because it goes through your store reward cards. You don’t have to upload a receipt or keep track of your purchases. SavingStar just credits your account within a couple of days of you making a purchase. Just make sure you “activate” the offers you want each week.

Now that you have downloaded Ibotta and completed registration for SavingStar, download another FREE mobile app, Checkout 51. Every Thursday, Checkout 51 has a new set of mobile coupons, including a new offer on produce! Many times, this offer coincides with the SavingStar Healthy Offer or a store sale, so you’re able to get it cheaper! For example, this week there is an offer on Checkout 51 for $0.25 back on cucumbers and $0.50 back on strawberries. Both produce items are currently in season and on sale at multiple grocery stores.

Next, make sure you have subscribed to Target’s mobile coupons. Text “OFFERS” to 827438. You will receive mobile coupons for items within the store. Almost each time you receive a new set of mobile coupons, there will be a produce coupon included within them. Wait for a sale at Target on produce, pair it with a mobile coupon, and Checkout 51 offer and you will have a great deal on produce items.

Another thing you want to make sure you always do is print coupons for fruits and vegetables right away. It doesn’t matter if it’s for canned, fresh, or frozen, go ahead and print it. These coupons will normally reach their print limit quickly. 

If you have a young child or young children at home, you can sign up for the “Baby Clubs” through local grocery stores. The stores will mail you store coupons for items like produce and milk depending on the age of your child. Pair that store coupon with the Checkout 51 and Ibotta offers and save even more.

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