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How To Pay Less Than $1 on Nine Essential Items

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Did you know that there are certain items you should never have to pay more than $1 for? By matching up sales, coupons, and Drug Stores, you can almost ALWAYS get one or more of these for almost free. To top it off, you can normally snag all of these in their “name brands” for free too! I’ve complied a list of items you should get for $1 or less, and tips on how to accomplish this.

Pay less than $1 for the following items:
Shaving Cream

First, you cannot be “loyal” to one name brand for everything. You need to be willing to try different brands to be able to succeed at getting the most for your money. (I understand having a certain one or two brands that are your favorite, or if you have to use a certain kind due to allergies or something else.) To save the most money, you should be willing to forgo your favorite toothpaste this week because another is on sale for $0.50. Just using the brand of toothpaste you can get on sale over your full-priced brand, can save you $75 a year for a family of four! That’s just on toothpaste!

Second, shop at drug stores. This is where you will find a majority of these items for less than $1. Normally drug store prices seem a little higher than what you would pay at another store; however, that is not always the case. You can combine sales, rewards programs, and coupons to snag A LOT of items for FREE! You can read more about shopping at Drug Stores here.   

Third, try to change your mindset when shopping. You will need to buy these items only when they are on sale. In other words, toothpaste could be on sale for $0.50 this week, you have 5 tubes of toothpaste at home, but you need to get at least one tube of it anyways. You don’t have an immediate need for it now, but you will have an immediate need for it later if you don’t plan ahead. 

Fourth, women you will need to use men’s razors from time-to-time. For some reason, men’s razors seem to be the ones you can get for less than one dollar more than women’s. It is OK to use a razor that isn’t pink and/or scented. 🙂 

Fifth, don’t buy blades/refills for your razors. 90% of the time, you can get a brand new razor (name brand) cheaper than the refills. You can get a brand new razor with an extra refill for less than $1 or you can buy refills for $5 (after coupons and sales). It saves you money in the long run just getting a brand new razor (when you combine sales and reward programs through drug stores).

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