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10 Ways to Save Money on Gifts:: Practical & Easy Tips to Get Free Gifts Each Year

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My husband and I seem to be in a season in our lives filled with weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and more every time we turn around. It can be hard to think of so many unique gifts so take a look at StoneFoot.de for some ideas.
Not that this is a bad thing. It’s fantastic to celebrate a wedding, birth of a child, and turning a year older; however, it can be pricey. I’ve complied a list of ways to save money on gifts. These are tips my husband and I have been doing for over a year.

1. Skip the card.

I normally forget to buy a card. I’m horrible at it! Last time I did look at cards, most of the “good” cards cost between $3.99 and $5.99! WOW! Instead of buying a card, opt to make your own. With programs like Pic Monkey, you can create a cute, creative, and unique card for absolutely FREE! Not to mention, you can write what YOU want to write, which makes it more meaningful.

2. Don’t buy a gift bag.

Have you looked at the price on gift bags lately?! You can buy a reusable bag for WAY cheaper! If the gift is for a child, stop by the Dollar Tree or Dollar Spot at Target, and pick up the cute character bags for $1.00 each. You can use one of these to put the gift in. It’s cheaper AND it’s part of the gift. If the gift is for a baby shower, get one of those collapsible canvas bins to match the nursery to put the gift in. As a parent, I don’t think it’s possible to have too many of those collapsible canvas bins! It might be a nice idea to send birthday flowers online to a loved one for their birthday. They are relatively cost effective.

3. Shop after big holidays.

The day after a holiday, almost everything holiday related is immediately marked down. Take advantage of this. Oftentimes, things are marked down that don’t even look like they were “holiday related”. (For example, Color Crayons are often with candy at Halloween as an option to pass out to Trick or Treaters, but do not look “Halloween” related. Beauty and Personal care items are packaged together at Christmas in a set, and go 50% off after Christmas, but do not look “Christmas” related.)
Here are some ideas:: You can shop after Halloween in the costume section to buy “princess costumes” for dress up for a little girl, buy packs of color crayons for Operation Christmas Child or stockings, or buy “Superhero costume accessories” for a little boy to play Superhero. {As always, you can use coupons on top of these sales so you can save even more money.}
Shop Day after Thanksgiving for 50% off household items like pillows, crock pots, waffle irons, blenders and more. If you know of someone who will be getting married, go ahead and pick up a gift then for 50% off.
Shop Day after Christmas for items like nail polishes, toy cars, small lip glosses, kids’ body washes, games, and many other items to pick up and hold for kids birthday party gifts, party favors, or more. (This past year after Christmas I picked up little La La Loopsy nail polishes, body washes, and lotions for only $0.25-$0.50. They were with the Stocking Stuffer items, but had nothing Christmas related on them. I used them as party favors at my daughter’s La La Loopsy Birthday Party.)

4. Buy gifts early.

If you wait to find a gift right before a birthday party, you’re going to spend WAY more money. As a mom, I know about when my daughter’s friends’ birthday parties are. So, if I see a good deal for a gift for one of her friends, I go ahead and pick it up early. Even if the birthday is 2-4 months away. I would rather pay $5 now, than $15 later.

5. Host a party and use your hostess rewards to get gifts.

There are many companies like Thirty-One, Premier Jewelry, Mary Kay, Scenty, and more that offer hostess benefits to hosting a party. I know that Premier Jewelry offers so much in FREE jewelry just for keeping your original party date. Use these to your advantage. Talk to a consultant (I can personally recommend a fantastic Premier Jewelry Lady and Thirty-One consultant), and sign up to host a party. Then invite your friends, view some fantastic products, eat some snacks, and use some of your benefits to order Christmas or birthday gifts for family members.

6. Shop at Groupon or LivingSocial.

Groupon and LivingSocial are both a Flash Sale Site. They offer many discounts that are only available for so many days. Oftentimes, you can buy a $50 gift certificate to a store for only $25. That is already saving you 50% right there. You can also get bedding 50-75% off for a wedding gift, toys 50-75% off for kids’ gifts, and many other deals.

7. Save your funds from your cash back apps to spend on gifts.

There are quite a few fantastic cash back apps out there that you can combine with coupons and store sales. When you use an app like Ibotta, Checkout 51, or Shopmium, your cash back from purchases can be put into Pay Pal. You can save all of this money and use it for gifts. This way nothing “extra” is coming out of your budget if you have an unexpected gift to buy.

8. Use your Swagbucks.

If you do not currently use Swagbucks, you should really sign up right here right away. Swagbucks is absolutely FREE to join. You receive “Swag bucks” for activities such as surveys, playing free online games, and just searching with Swagbucks instead of Google. There are also free “Swag Codes” almost every day to give you additional “swag”. For every 450 Swagbucks you earn, you can redeem for a $5 credit to Amazon. It’s very easy to earn 450-900 Swagbucks a month, which is $5-$10 a month in Amazon gift cards {See how to do that here}. You can redeem this gift cards on Amazon to shop for gifts, and hardly anything comes out of your pocket!

9. Cash in your “kicks” for giftcards through ShopKick.

If you shop at Target, Old Navy, JC Penny, or Walmart regularly, you should get something back from those trips. 🙂 Use Shopkick. It’s a FREE app that gives you “kicks” for just walking into Target, Old Navy, JC Penny, and Walmart. You can then redeem those “kicks” for gift cards to Toys R Us, Target, Lowes, and many other stores and use the gift cards to buy gifts. If you download it here, you will receive a bonus of 50 kicks to start you off.

10. Use Ebates for cash back on purchases.

If you have never used Ebates before, sign up here and you will receive a $5 bonus. Ebates is a way to shop online to receive special offers. Now, some offers I post on my site are not valid through Ebates; however, quite a few are though. You can receive a certain amount of cash back, free shipping, or special coupon codes for shopping through Ebates. It just depends on what offers are available. It can help you save money and give you cash back off of your purchases.

Bonus Tip: Use the cash/rewards/points from surveys to purchase gifts.
If you take surveys, you can cash in the points, and rewards for gift cards to purchase gifts. You can also cash out near Christmas from the survey companies that pay cash for you to get the money prior to Christmas shopping. {See a master list of companies that pay you for your opinion here.}

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