Mommy Moments Monday

Mommy Moments Monday

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Starting today, I’m rolling out “Mommy Moments Monday”. (Yes, I will still post deals, DIY projects, and freebies.) I believe that as women and moms, that there are so many unspoken struggles, feelings, thoughts, or issues we go through and/or face. Oftentimes, we feel like we are alone as we face these things; however, I have learned that if just one mom opens up and talks about her struggles, others will too. Only then you will find other women and moms facing the same situations, all afraid, ashamed, or too shy to speak up first. 

I believe as moms, even if we are not in the same phase in life, we should be there for each other. We should encourage each other, lift each other up, give godly advice, speak from experience, laugh together, cry together, and bond. So, starting today and every Monday, I will post a struggle, how I overcame a struggle, a thought, an issue, a frustration, lies society tells us and what the truth is, or just a funny mommy blurb in hopes it will lead to a discussion either on here, social media, in your small group, circle of mom friends, or over coffee with a friend. Some weeks, I may even have a guest post from another mommy who blogs as well to share one of her moments. (If you have a mommy blog friend who might be interested in guest posting, have her contact me at I hope you all enjoy! I would love to hear all of your feedback as well! 🙂

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